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Our family is very musical. I, unfortunately, thought I was “too cool” for piano lessons at the age of 13 and decided against them. Despite my bad example, three of my siblings have started or continued to take lessons and are constantly blowing me away with their talent. One of them, my 13 year old sister, wrote a song last year that she (unwillingly) played for me. She’s shy and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. As she started to play her song I started to cry. She honestly has a talent beyond her 13 years, beauty of the song was amazing. Of course she was embarrassed by my tears but I didn’t care, I was so proud of her!

Here are some other amazing bits of talent from Etsy. Each one of them captures the beauty and strength of the instrument. Enjoy!


Jengs Shop

Cherry Berry Designs


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There’s something about paper that makes me want to create. I’m not sure exactly sure what it is in particular…I think it’s just everything about it. There are so many things you can make out of it, so many different patterns, colors, textures…When I was younger I used to hate writing in a new binder or leaflet for school. I hated the thought of ruining the paper. My husband thinks I’m such a nerd.

The thought of actually being into “correspondence” is so romantic! I love getting REAL letter in the mail. It’s so exciting and it makes you feel like the sender really cares about you…to put the time into writing and sending the letter.

Paper is seriously another one of my many (good!) addictions.

Here’s a few of my favorite stationary Etsy stores:

jane hancock papers

Enfin, La voila!

Armato Design and Press

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You would think that, being the oldest of eight kids, I wouldn’t love kids as much as I do. I sure don’t want any right now, not for myself, but I love my little sisters (20 years younger than me!) and my niece…and any other cutie that comes across my path.

Everyone asks me when we’re going to start having kids and I just say “never” – with a smile of course. But that doesn’t stop me from loving kids or their cute and adorable little clothes!

Check out this store: N is for Nate. The coolest kiddie store around! Definitely a stop for us cool aunties and uncles out there!

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Speaking of winter! It’s been snowing for two straight days here. The husband is thrilled, he can go sledding now! I’m not so happy with it. It looks great but sucks to drive in!

My next investments will have to be new mitts and I LOVE these ones made by NataJane. Her store is so beautiful! Filled with fall and winter colors, it looks like you could just cuddle up in it and stay warm!

Fight the cold: Buy NataJane!

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I have a serious love for unique things. I just love them! There’s no other explanation. Unique ideas, products, styles, all of them get me excited. It’s why I love these pendants as much as I do, they are completely unique. I’ve been all over Etsy and haven’t seen stuff like these sellers offer. Sure, there are some stores that are similar but they’re not the same. These stores offer that twinge of difference that sets them apart. I love them (: They’re on my huge list of favorites.

Julie Ann Creations

Littleput Books

The Lola Collection

This year (have I mentioned this before?) I’m trying to do all of my Christmas shopping on Etsy. There’s so many unique items, so many things that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. Because I’ve been on Etsy for a while I have a lot of Favorites stored up on my profile. It makes it easy for me to find what I’m looking for.

One thing I just learned (silly me!) is how to make a Search on Etsy a bit more focused in on what you were hoping to find. Type in SEVERAL words. Ha. Yeah, I’m sure bright. I used to just type in “quilt” or “mug”. Now I’ve found that it’s WAY better to type in “pottery, mug, blue”, or “quilt, red, leaves”. It really narrows down the search!

I just got the Christmas gift I had purchased for my sister in the mail! It’s beautiful! Oops. Hope she doesn’t see this!

It’s from yet another favorite store of mine: Imogen

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I’m half British and extremely proud of it. Having British heritage means several things: I’m stubborn, I’m into Spitfires…ok, not that much, but I do think they’re cool, and I love tea.

I’ve been tormented my whole life for my love of tea. Mostly because I demand a certain amount of respect in the making and pouring of it. Here’s my list of demands:

1) The water must be fully boiled before steeping the tea,
2) The tea must be well steeped,
3) Milk (approximately 1/2 an inch) must be poured into the tea CUP (not mug!) before the tea.

Honey is preferred but sugar will do.

See, I am picky. No one can convince me that putting the milk in first doesn’t make it taste different. It really does.

You can understand my excitement when I found this great store on Etsy. Although not fully devoted to tea (Wallace and Grommit too!!) what this store does offer is…beautiful. Check out Gloaming Designs!

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Charity Elise Designs

Jennifer Rydin Designs

Khermsen Photography

Winter brings mixed feelings for me. Being Canadian and in living in the North, there are few things I appreciate about the cold winters. I love curling up in front of the fire with a book, roasting chestnuts, Christmas and the feeling of family surrounding me around that time. I think that’s where it stops (: I do love the crispness of winter. Not so much the crisp air, but the crisp white that covers everything. It makes it all look so clean.

The beauty of Winter, the pictures, the romantic images, is what I appreciate most about winter. Pictures of a thick frost, a deer in deep snow, trees laden with loads of powder, capture the beauty if it all. That I can appreciate. What I can’t appreciate is actually being there, freezing my buns off, my camera not working because the batter is too cold, wind blowing through my multiple layers of clothing…

I really do love reading in front of the fireplace though. I’ve just finished reading the Memory Sorrow and Thorn series by Tad Williams and now I’m moving onto Skystone by Jack Whyte.

What books are you reading in front of the fire this winter?

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You’re going to hear (see me type 🙂 so many times that “this is my favorite store”. It’s a sin, I know, to have so many “favorite stores”, but really every one of them is a “fave” for it’s own reason.

This shop, Bobby Urban, is one of those fave shops. Seriously funky clothes displayed by edgy pictures bursting with personality and attitude, this shop is the funk itself. One look and you’ll be hooked!

katelynjane: How long have you been in business and how did you get started?

Bobby Urban: BAM! My Etsy contribution/store/reason to spend hours on the internet, began this past June, the true beginning though, was in high school, with the loving gift of a sewing machine from my Mother. Or maybe it was in kindergarten making clothes for dolls. It could have possibly been in the womb but I don’t think there’s anyway to verify that.

katelynjane: Are all your clothes rebuilt? What makes you want to start with that particular item?

Bobby Urban: I am making sweaters now with fabric from old sweaters and have made shirts from the fabric of old shirts but I shy away from rebuilding it hampers the creative spirit and condescends my imagination.

katelynjane: What is your favorite style?

Bobby Urban: This is a near impossible question. It borders on the aesthetic and the metaphysical. But I’m going to fucking try, there’s no room for quitters.
I like anything that appears to me to be a representation of a person’s bravest, purest, most ideal but also easiest self. That which does not overwhelm but emphasizes the unrivaled best in a person. An accent to one’s self. Quintessential. Clothes are not meant to stand alone, they are nothing without the wearer.
This, I understand, is also an impossible answer. But as you know there is no room for quitters.

katelynjane: What would you like to be defined as in regards to your clothing line?

Bobby Urban: Irreverent

Not in the way that says nothing is significant, because I find many things, sickingly, heart wrenchingly and fantastically important, but in a way that redefines importance and relevancy. That says you are the master of your destiny, and you decide what is most essential in life and no one else gets to.

katelynjane: What are your goals for your Etsy store?

Bobby Urban: To sell the things I can’t help but to make.
To connect with other people who feel the same.

To make Bobby Urban a star. That’s sort of a secret goal but I’m sort of bad with secrets. Well that’s not true, I’m really good with secrets just embarrassed to say that’s a goal.

katelynjane: Where do you see your clothes / items in two years?

Bobby Urban: Evolved. Better designs, better made, better ideas, better pictures… there is no ideal point, there is no satisfactory end.

katelynjane: What is your favorite thing about making items?

Bobby Urban:

Two favorites:
The never knowing how exactly something will turn out. The fact that you can drink and sew at the same time.

katelynjane: What is your favorite store on Etsy?

Bobby Urban: Come on, that really is an impossible question. I’m not saying I’m quitting, it’s more like a prolonged break with a possibility of non-returning. Don’t judge me.

Thanks so much for allowing me to interview you Bobby!

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My life is full! Have you ever gotten to that point where life is just overflowing with everything that could possibly keep you busy? I work full time, have an Etsy store, write in two different blogs, run an Etsy group, coach ball hockey, update the multiple sites I’m on (IndiePublic, I love Etsy, Myspace, Facebook…I’m sure there’s more). It all ties up every minute of my time. Not that I don’t love it, of course (: I do. I love it. I’m addicted to writing and it’s a great way to vent that craving and to get feedback!

I have a new favorite store on Etsy. Ok, I have tons (you can see my favorites by clicking the link in my Etsy store). But this one is new, I just found this store, Verre Encore, on IndiePublic as I was cruising through the many members….and it is amazing. One look at her work and you’ve fell in love with color, detail and texture all over again. Every single pendant is beautiful and unique and…just completely lovely!

Is anyone trying to shop entirely on Etsy for their Christmas gifts? I am!! It’s great! I live in a small town and every single year I usually say to myself “I wish there was more selection”. The variety on Etsy is unbelievable, everything is unique and hand made. Some people, when they hear “hand made” cringe and immediately think of the squished clay bowl they got from their 2 year old the year before. As must as that clay bowl is adorable, Etsy offers much more. Here’s a few of my favorite unique finds:

Junk Prints:

This great store is offering free domestic shipping for buyers who find them through this blog! Just let them know in your note the the seller or in a convo!


June Designs:

Merry Christmas Shopping everyone!

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I’m an Etsy fanatic. For those who don’t know what Etsy is, it’s an amazing resource for entrepreneurs and shoppers. It’s filled with unique little stores, all created to fit the sellers personality and a plethora of items to buy. It’s Ebay for the crafty person. Ebay without the bidding. Ebay with a great community and amazing personality. It’s Ebay on happy pills!

Why am I obsessed? Just take a quick gander around Etsy and you’ll know why. It’s filled with absolutely everything you could imagine. There’s quilts, bags, kids toys, jewelery, food, soaps, candles, costumes and crafting supplies. You want it? It’s on Etsy.com. The best part is, it’s completely unique. Not only the site itself but the creations beyond it’s doors.

Take one of my favorite stores for example, Julianna Holowka. She sells lamps…shaped like a mace. That’s right, a medieval weapon. Sounds strange? Maybe. But it’s ingenious and presented and designed in a way that it’s beautiful.

It’s not only the shopping that I love about Etsy, I’m also an Etsy seller, which means I have all the excuses in the world for being glued to the site. My husband thinks I’m obsessed but hopefully one day all this effort will pay of! If you’re curious, stop on by my store, leave a note if you want to or just take a peek at my bags!

Keep peeking in here too! I’ll be posting a blog as often as I can (: