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I’m half British and extremely proud of it. Having British heritage means several things: I’m stubborn, I’m into Spitfires…ok, not that much, but I do think they’re cool, and I love tea.

I’ve been tormented my whole life for my love of tea. Mostly because I demand a certain amount of respect in the making and pouring of it. Here’s my list of demands:

1) The water must be fully boiled before steeping the tea,
2) The tea must be well steeped,
3) Milk (approximately 1/2 an inch) must be poured into the tea CUP (not mug!) before the tea.

Honey is preferred but sugar will do.

See, I am picky. No one can convince me that putting the milk in first doesn’t make it taste different. It really does.

You can understand my excitement when I found this great store on Etsy. Although not fully devoted to tea (Wallace and Grommit too!!) what this store does offer is…beautiful. Check out Gloaming Designs!

  1. You’re right about putting the milk in first – it does taste different because the milk is not scalded by being poured into hot water. You might be half-British but you’re absolutely right about the way to make tea. Apart from the cup versus mug debate, but that’s for another time.

    Andy from Teasite

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