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I posted more boxes in the store this afternoon! Let me know what you think! Do you think larger ones would be more popular or handy?

Here’s a few that are on the way!


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I’m stocking up my store! Make sure you check out katelynjane!

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Check out the new banner to the left! Ohkimma made it for me, make sure to check out her store for more great items and deals! She also made my new store avatar and store banner.

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I love funk. I love unique items that are funky and ingenious. As hopefully you can tell by the items I post (: And most of all, I love having things that other people don’t. Isn’t it a pain to go into someones house and see that they have the same stuff as you? It’s really not that bad, but it would be so nice if everyone didn’t shop at WalMart or other big department stores! Etsy (wink wink) is the first step in this direction. The first EASY step. Do you realize how EASY it is to buy on Etsy? Click click click and tada! You have uniqueness. Ok, well, not right away, but you’ll have at a week later (: And it’s so worth it!

Here are a couple more of my fave stores. The first one is Inkjet Designs, an awesome little company based out of England (yay for Brits!).

The second it a gorgeous etsy stop; Allisons Photography. Seriously, who wouldn’t want pink snakeskin magnets or zebra coasters??

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My newest find of amazement on Etsy is Vintage Chick Designs. It’s an incredibly elegant and modern (in a Vintage sort of way) store that will capture your imagination. Gorgeous items fit for a vintage queen!

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Avril Loreti
has created completely unique items that are so simple it will make you wonder why you didn’t think of them first! I seriously love them, they’re so simple – so obvious – that they instantly become something you want. Here’s my two favorites but there’s many more in her Etsy store! (Wow, I just rhymed!)

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Check out my newest discovery! The cutest little birds around: Cotton Bird Designs. Imagine these one a branch of your Christmas tree or as part of a table center piece! They are so cute and creative, tiny creatures from your imagination!

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Today it’s all about me! As it should be. Well no, that’s just rude. But once in a while “me me me” is ok (:

I’ve been busy making several new products and trying some crafts out. I decided to post one of them in my store this morning and will be posting more as the days go on!

I’m on a mission to heighten the views and hearts of my store. Hopefully it will bring more sales!

I’ve been adding an item a day to the store, which has been three so far this week. I intend to wake up early every morning in order to have time to add new items every day. That, as well as renewing an item a day. We’ll try this out for a few weeks and see if it does me any good. If not, maybe I need to take a second look at the items I offer…

Here’s the bag I renewed this afternoon (:

Take a peek at my store!

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Well, the husband is thrilled. There’s a snow fall warning! He’s going sledding (ski-doing) next weekend and can’t wait for the several feet of snow that are sure to be covering the mountains.

Being in a monotone winterland makes me wish for COLORS! Already, I’m wanting the bright green grass, fresh flowers and a blooming garden. Only six more months to go (: In the meantime I’ll have to settle for the great colors of Etsy products! Take a look at this new find of mine, a great store sure to pick up those dreary winter feelings (: Hijacked Ceramics