I Want Color Back!

In etsy, grass, green, snow, spring, treasury, tresure, winter on February 23, 2008 at 5:44 pm

I was looking through the Treasuries today, something that I really need to do more often, and found this great one! The grass is just starting to show here in the great white north but I’m not getting my hopes up! One year we had our biggest snow fall in APRIL! Hope that doesn’t happen again. Yuk!

I love this Treasury! It’s all springy and makes me want to read a book on the lawn (:

  1. I want it too! This treasury is great…and I love grass!

  2. We still have snow in Ohio, but that may change in a day (ya never know).
    I keep thinking about Lilacs and the smell of warm earth! At least the days are noticably longer.
    Even tho it’s 20 degrees, the sun makes it feel warm.
    Go figure when winter is almost over, I’m finally used to the cold.

  3. It was -35 to -40 here for two weeks straight (at least). When it finally got warmer (-20) we were like “wow! It feels like spring!”. Shows how much we get used to the cold hey? I can’t wait to get into the garden this year!

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