In brainstorming, contest, etsy, package, seller, selling, wedding, writing on March 17, 2008 at 5:44 pm

If you’ve been visiting this blog, this creative vent, you’ll have noticed that it’s been evolving. It’s grown from an ever changing ad for my favorite Etsy stores, to one of quick blips on life and tiny things I found interesting, to this, a (hopefully) deeper place filled with longer posts with deeper meaning (with some humor mixed in).

My Note Book will always be changing, hopefully for the better, but I like the place it’s becoming now. I like writing longer posts, challenging my writing skills and sharing a bit more about me. I’ll still be posting the odd link to my favorite Etsy store or YouTube clip, but I’m going to try to make this space something meaningful.

By the way, check out my Scared Silly story down below! It’s an entry in the writing contest by Shelly at This Eclectic Life. Post your own entry to this contest and let Shelly know!

Also, remember to check out the DYI Wedding Series in the Storque on Etsy. This is just one of the articles they’ve posted, but it’s great! Oh, and then come to my Etsy store, purchase of one of my Wedding Planning Packages and I’ll help you make your wedding a unique and affordable event. What, I have a slick sales-man smile on my face? Nooooo…

  1. thank you so much! 😀

  2. (: I love your blog and your work, so you’re welcome!

  3. Hey girl, thanks for linking again. Send me an image to link to your etsy store…if you wanna…I’ll put it on the sidebar.

    And…not to be pushy…would you consider changing the options so that people with a WordPress blog can comment without having to write all the code I’m about to have to enter? I can comment and send anyone who is interested to my old blog, but have to write a lot just to give the following signature:
    This Eclectic Life

  4. Oh sure! I’ll look at the options I have for this blog (: Thanks so much for linking to my Etsy store (: I’ll send you an image asap!

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