In etsy, gocco, ink, interview, job, printer, printing, seller on March 18, 2008 at 4:37 pm

I have a job interview today. I’m nervous. I usually don’t get nervous, I’m usually more confidant than this but this job sounds perfect and I want to make a good impression.

Mostly, I think I’m afraid that this interview will be ‘official’. I hate official interviews. I’d rather a more casual one without the “what are your weeknesses?” questions. I would open up much more if I was asked normal “let’s have a chat” questions. If it gets to official or stoic, I close up, draw blanks and look stupid.

Two slow hours go to.

I finally ordered my Gocco Printer yesterday. I was trying to find a good deal on ebay but in the end, they all turned out to be the same price, give or take a few pennies. So instead of buying off of ebay, I (of course!) opted for Etsy where the same seller was offering a new Gocco and cheaper ink.

I’ve been nervous about the printing process and have been researching how to do it exactly. I discovered this great, super detailed, how-to article. Check it out for a great explanation of how the Gocco actually works (:

Thinking about starting yet another job and the stress of the interview is really making me appreciate those people who are self-employed. You never have to worry about being fired or switching bosses or stressful interviews. Yes, it’s harder work because you’re always promoting your business, but at least you know it’s going to benefit you, not just the boss man.

I come from a self-employment-loving family. My dad and mom have always encouraged us to pursue this employment aspect and have worked towards it themselves.

I’m hoping that one day my Etsy store will suddenly take off and local stores will be selling my bags. I’m crossing all my fingers for self-employment to grab me by the hand one of these days.

  1. I don’t envy you…how did the interview go?

    I think Gocco printing sounds so cool. It’s very popular right now, so good for you getting into it!

  2. The interview went well!! Way better than I expected and I think they were impressed (: I find out next week what their decision is.

    I love the look of Gocco stuff, hopefully it will go well!

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