In center pieces, create, decorate, decorations, etsy, make, makeing, planning, weddings on March 22, 2008 at 7:24 pm

We worked for six hours yesterday and finished another 23 boxes for Krystal’s wedding! Here’s what the finished product looks like! I can’t wait to see them on all the tables with t-lights all around and rose petals. It’s going to look so good! (Proud mama!)

Only 60 or so to make!

  1. These are really looking good! Love them!

  2. how could you forget! yes, that is a plus, but for me working in retail, its not such a plus, however i cannot complain about the great pay!

  3. They look gorgeous…that is a great idea!

  4. Thanks so much!

  5. What a wonderful concept! These are going to look so beautiful and artsy…that cowboy town won’t know what hit it!

  6. Aw thanks Christy!

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