In art, graffiti, painting, spray, train on March 28, 2008 at 3:48 pm

I have a weird interest in graffiti. Well, I think it’s completely normal, but my husband thinks it’s strange (: I don’t know what it is, but something about it just catches my attention. I love it! It’s true art work…too bad someone had to vandalize a piece of property to make it (most of the time), but it’s still art.

Every summer I go out to the train depot and walk up and down the tracks, finding pieces that I like. If we go on a trip, I’m constantly scanning the trains and making my hubby stop so I can take some pictures. I love building to my photo collection.

Last summer I was taking my dog for a walk along the tracks. I didn’t feel like walking down to the end of the train but Piper needed a better walk so I dragged myself down there. I was so glad I did! The second picture here is of the graffiti I found. Amazing!!

Ps: You can see more pictures on my Flickr page!

  1. Funny…I live near a train track and I always look at that too. There are some really amazing artists out there!

    BTW, I have tagged you…see my blog for more info!

  2. Thanks! I’ll take a look!

  3. You are sooo right about that! Many of them are TRUE artists. Like the one that painted the second train. Too bad thought that the cities’ officials don’t create legal spaces where they can express themselves. This way they HAVE TO use some other walls / trains to do it. Many of them also do real paintings with oil colors and all that painting involves.

  4. I know! I really wish even the trains would get into letting people paint on them. Trains are so plain, it would be amazing to see them all colorful and vibrant! Thanks for your comment and stopping by!

  5. Great pictures. I find graffiti so inspiring, it always makes me sad when someone comes along and covers it up.

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