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That ‘Tude

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You know those people that just walk around with a grin on their face all the time? The ones that always play the “Glad Game” and are constantly thinking positively. Have you ever wondered how they live life like that?

There’s a lady that I work with now that is constantly smiling, she never has a bad day and is always saying positive things. She’s amazing. You just want to talk to her so her positivity rubs off on you!

Then there’s the other people I work with. They are always talking behind each others back, bringing down the boss and his ideas, tattling on each other and just plain being rude. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a huge turn off. It’s almost like every time I’m around them there’s a gnarley hand squeezing around my heart and putting me on edge.

It really dissapoints me to see people acting like this. It’s not helping the work enviroment at all and it really affects the employees; not only the ones talking down, but the others as well. It makes the work place uncomfortable, untrusting and uninspired. And worst of all, it can really make you think that your job sucks.

What would happen if we all stopped talking behind each others back? If we had an issue with someone, instead of talking about them with another girl-friend, we went to them and politely tried to work the issue out. What would happen if we just talked about the things we loved about the workplace and our boss? Gasp! Do you think we might start enjoying work?? Do you think, maybe…just maybe…we would start to believe that our job and effort counted for something?

Like some of you might know, I love to run. I love taking my dog out for a jog, running several blocks and pushing myself to go further. There’s just no feeling like it! I’m no pro, I can run for about half an hour straight. I have a friend who runs…like ACTUALLY runs…for two – three hours daily! But I’ve noticed that when I get on that treadmill or when my runners hit the road, if I have a negative attitude, I can never run as far as I want. If, on the other hand, I think positive, I encourage myself, I can run several miles more than I had planned. Really.

I was just reading on a website that house cleaners who were told their work was meeting the Surgeon Generals specifications had decreased blood pressure, body fat, weight to hip ratio and body mass index a month later. Not so for the house-cleaners who weren’t told this good news!

When you think positive and are given positive results, it affects everything! Your health, your surroundings, your performance.

“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.”



Feature Friday!

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So before I get started on the Feature:

I’m busy. Like really really busy here at work…and I LOVE it!! This job is exactly what I needed and wanted. It’s weird, I wasn’t thinking that I’d like it this much but I totally do. Lately I’ve been trying to sell the radio “promos”. Like deals for grad or fathers day or aboriginal day coming up. It’s so much fun! I go all over town, hand out our printouts of the deals and tell the owners about them. I’ve only gotten one really negative response, although there have been “no’s”. Mostly though, it’s been very positive. I’ve actually sold about $9,000.00 worth of ads this week! I’m super excited!

Next week I’ll be out on the town selling too! I can’t wait!

Ook, for this Feature Friday I have a really super cool Etsy store  (aren’t they all??). I’ll just let you take a look at these pictures instead of preaching at you (:

Check out their Etsy store!!

The Coppers

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So I know I just posted a quick little link yesterday, but I have a few I wanted to post today too. I DO have to get my butt in gear and do a decent post, but I’m so tired and it’s SO beautiful out! I will tonight if I can!

Ha! I dont’ have anything against cops (except that one that gave me a huge ticket a few months back! Grrrr!) but check this movie out!

And for a great laugh, one of my all time favorites!

Hope everyone is getting blessed with the amazing weather we’re having up here!


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Ew. Don’t be a perv. That’s totally not what I meant 😀

This is just a QUICK POST (see!) for now, until I have more dirt.

Check this out to make you smile (:

DJ kj

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Ok, so I’m not a DJ by any means, but I DID get the chance to go live with one of the DJ’s there in the studio! It was so exciting and, although I didn’t think that I’d like my voice, it really wasn’t bad at all! Actually, to tell you the truth, I loved it, the experience,…and I’d LOVE to have training or just practice to have more air time. I also read a quick “liner” (see, I’m already getting into the lingo ;)) about who I was and that I rep’d the station.

The DJ’s are going to be in my home town next week and they’re going to bring some more ad’s I can read. They’re also going to be working with some student who have an interest in radio. I can’t wait!

This is just a quick entry because hubby and I are going to head out to the movie pretty quick. Indiana Jones, the new one. Should be interesting. To be honest, I haven’t heard many good reviews about this movie, but I never judge something unless I’ve seen it for myself. I actually kinda like it when people bring my hopes down about movies. Then at least I haven’t got high expectations for it and I usually enjoy it much more.

Have you seen this music video yet? Take a look. The song is amazing!

Feature Friday!

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I found this great Etsy store while I was cruising through the other day, trying to find a great site to feature this week. Wunjo Wear was exactly what I had in mind! I love the style of their clothes, the modern prints and great vibe. And…their prices are just right!

Fathers day is coming up! These T’s would be perfect gift for your Dad or Husband, with just enough funk to make them feel young and “hip” (do all parents say “hip”, or just mine? :).

I’m preposting this as I’ll be out of town tomorrow (Friday). I can’t remember if I’ve told you guys about this before or not, but the entrepreneur centre has a contract with a local radio station. The boss from the station met with me and my boss the other day and said I had the “perfect” voice for radio (phhhhh!!!) and he wants to put me on air. Soooo, I’ll be at the radio station recording voice clips and ads and learning the ropes tomorrow. Sounds interesting and I’m always up for a chellenge!

I’ll let you know how it goes! Should be fun!

Summer Camping

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So the camping was AMAZING this past weekend! Really really hot and since the Hubby wanted to use his new quad tires a bit more, us girls had tons of time to read…or walk around in our heels. The neice decided camping was a great time to play dressup, apply her makeup and play with her babies. So while she played or slept, her mom and I read with our feet in the cool river.

It was a lazy camping trip but such a great way to start the camping season and the warm weather!

This may sound strange, but my reading as really improved lately. I used to take aproximately six months to read a novel, I’d read a page or two here and there. But now it only takes me a couple of weeks, if that. This weekend I almost finished my Diana Gabaldon novel, which, by the way is amazing.

There seems to be a lot of sexuality in the books I’ve been reading lately…which isn’t really my taste, so I just skip over those parts. Sometimes it’s ok, but it depends on the depth the writer goes into. Ok, that’s an awkward subject! On to the next!

Q: What book are you reading now? What’s the next one on your list?

I have the second book in this Diana Gabaldon series to read but I’d also like to read an Egyptian book that I found (remember me saying I wanted to read one but couldn’t find ANY? Well…guess what. I found some! YAY!). The books called River God, by Wilbur Smith. I cheated and read the first couple pages already and the writing seems really good! I can’t wait to dive into that culture! I need all the ideas I can get for my own Egyptian novel!

Important People

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I’ve decided my new job rocks. Why? Well, one of the many reasons is because I get to meet famous people!! Ok, not all the time, but yesterday I did…and it was awesome!

The US Ambassador came to visit our small town and because the entrepreneur centre where I work is also home to a local radio station, I was able to cover the event. Seeing that I had no idea who the Ambassador was, I really didn’t know which of the guys he was when he walked out of the room he had been in. Walking directly up to me he shook my hand and said “Hi, David Wilkens, and you are?”…oh, I guess that’s him! I thought (: I chatted a bit to him, his Chief of Administration and his wife. They are the most down to earth people, so kind and friendly. I was really impressed!

It didn’t even cross my mind at the time to get a private picture of Mr. Wilkens and I, I wish I had…maybe next time.

What impacted me the most from the Ambassador’s visit and his speech, was how he talked about the Canadian forces and how we need to be proud of the work they are doing along side the American soldiers. It’s so easy to get caught up in the question that’s going around lately “When will Canada bring our forces home?” and not think of the men over there. It’s so easy to get more concerned about the government and their actions to bringing our guys home and not think, or pray for, the actual men over there…fighting, suffering and distanced from their families.

I really hope that this job brings me into the path of many more people like the Ambassador. Famous or not, I love meeting people who have direction and a positive influence on those around them.

Drum Roll Pleaaaase!

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And the WINNER ISSSSS!……..

A Little Moore!

Congrats girl! Here’s what your prizes are:


Of course I’ll be adding a few treats in as well, but these are the BIG KJ prizes! I hope you enjoy them! Please contact me via email with your info so I can send the prizes to you asap!

Thanks to everyone that participated, all your comment and views are very appreciated! I’ll be back later on with some pretty exciting news so keep your eyes glued to KJ! (:


Surprise Surprise!

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So I said I had a surprise..and I betcha were thinking it was the winner of the contest…but that’s for tomorrow. As soon as I get my act together and take a photo of the prizes (:

Nope, the surprise today is your first intro to me. The real me. I write, you read, and you meet me…the writing me. But who is really behind those words? What kinda chicky really is KJ? (Whenever I say KJ, I always want to finish it off with LMNOP). Well, here’s a picture of me, not a true close up, but a shot of the hubby and I on our wedding day.

What I find really cool about these pictures is that they aren’t even the ones done by the photographer. My uncle took a camera and shot them for us and they turned out so much better than the photographers shots. Her shots were good too, just not as great as these ones.

Anyways, there I am, in person, the KJ behind the keyboard!