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Don’t forget to enter my CONTEST!! Here’s a quote from the contest entry a couple days ago, to enter, just leave a comment!

“I think I’ve pretty much decided to permanently transfer my blog here. See? On the left? There’s a link to my other Note Book….but I haven’t been into that one much lately. Blogspot just isn’t for me anymore. It’s hard to navigate, hard for people to comment on and the dang links keep posting themselves in weird spots (NOT where I’ve highlighted). Gah. So anyways, as Step One of the KJ Blog Move I am offering a contest!

Comment on this post within the next week (until Friday, May 16, 2008). At the end of the deadline I will pick a random winner and they will receive a SURPRISE from me! The surprise will be a mixture of items, depending on who the winner is (aka: guy or gal)…once they have won I will post a picture of their prize!

Obviously, PART of the prize will consist of an item (or two!) from my store…so make sure you check it out!”

  1. Fun! Congrats on the move. I hear ya on blogspot, I made the move a year ago and haven’t regretted it once!

  2. That’s good to hear! I don’t think I’ll regret it either, I was just explaining why I moved to my hubby and there’s so many positives here!

    Thanks so much for the comment! You’ve officially been entered for the prize!

  3. A move! I’ll get your link changed. Hope it’s going good for you!

  4. I just opened a blogspot account after using LiveJournal for years (for my personal blog)… so far I’m not too impressed with it, so maybe I’ll be moving as well. 😉

  5. See, today I’ve been having issues with wordpress, but don’t let that put you off.
    I’m off to peek at your store.

  6. Congrats on the move. ^_^

    I love Beaumont, he’s so adorable. I love the fact that you can store stuff in his mouth. Think of all the possibilities. Hehehe.

  7. Great idea! Once I get used to my blog, maybe I will hold some sort of contest too. Have a blessed day! Nice blog and shop.

    🙂 Kym

  8. Congrats on the move! I’m still sorta new to blogging but I find blogspot very hard to figure out at times….wordpress is so much easier to use from the reader’s side, I find!

  9. Wow! So many comments! Thanks everyone! You’ve all been entered!

  10. I love the bouquet pictured in your Step 1 Wedding Package. Feminine and chic!

  11. Thanks Rachelle! Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for that photo, Google can though 😀

  12. Neat…Thanks for visiting my blog. I just looked at your shop. You are very talented. I was actually thinking of switching to blogspot, but I might stay at WordPress after reading your thoughts.
    Have a great day!

  13. Thanks so much for visiting Angie! Your name is entered into the contest (: And thanks for the compliments, it’s really flattering! I don’t want to discourage you from trying blogspot, it just wasn’t for me. I’d suggest setting up a “trial blog” and just trying it out for a while. Do some posts, test it all out, and then judge it (:

  14. Yay for switching to wp.com, I love blogging here, and believe me, I’ve done all of them at some point!

    I love your store, you have some truly beautiful stuff in there, and some superb fabric choices.

  15. Congrats on the move!

  16. I love the new look! let me know if you want me to update your account with this url instead of the old one 😉

  17. Thanks for linking to me…..Crossing my fingers that I win!

  18. Thanks guys! I’m glad you stopped by and entered!

  19. katelynjane, My first blog experience here. So…hello. You have a lovely shop and I wish you much success! Thanks for the info about blogspot. I am looking for a friendly and user friendly blog site to attempt. Bye for now. alk

  20. It’s me again 🙂 I agree about setting up a trial blog. I think I might stick with wordpress after all, mostly because I can’t import all my stuff into blogspot. Have a great day! Do you mind if I put you on my blogroll list?

  21. Great to have you over here at wordpress I loved it so much I had to download the software and run it off my server lol Would love to be part of the contest THANKS!

  22. @ Alk! Welcome to blogging!! And thanks for making me your first experience! So cool (:
    @ Angie: I’d LOVE to be on your blog roll! And yeah, I totally hated that about blogspot, couldn’t upload any history…I was amazed when wordpress was so easy that way!
    @Sean: Thanks for stopping by and entering!

  23. Woot, well done for getting transferred. Its a good feeling isn’t it having your own blog on wordpress.

    BTW, if I win your contest, please donate my prize to your local children’s hospital. And feel free to comment on my blog.

  24. Thanks for the post on my blog! I’m almost done with my first crochet project, so I hope to have a picture on my site soon.

    Welcome to wordpress!

  25. Although I’ve considered it for sometime now, I don’t have blog of my own. However, after reading all the wonderful comments from everyone above about wordpress, I think I’ll go ahead and start one!

    I look forward to seeing who wins your contest and what goodies you’ll be awarding the winner.

    Have a great day!

  26. @ Matt: We actually don’t have a Childrens Hospital, but my mom-in-law is a maternity nurse so I’ll get her to give the prize to a new mom if you win. Does that sound ok? That’s very generous of you!!
    @ Des: I can’t wait to see those photos! Thanks for the wecome (:
    @ Lisa: I’m glad we could help sway you towards blogging! It’s a lot of fun!

  27. So I’m curious…and maybe I should look around more…but do you lose everything from your archive with the move??

  28. oo oo a Contest!! me likes them and a suprize what could be better 😛

    am on blogger seems ok to me but at least your happy with the move thats what matters.

    take care and have a nice day.

  29. @ Grandy: Nope! You can import your old entries and comments!! How great is that?! It’s super easy when you go through the setting up process. If you need help, I can try or I can find someone for you that knows!

    @ Andy: Bloggers not a bad site, I was just looking for more than it could offer (:

    You’re both entered!!

  30. Congrats on your move!
    I guess this is a good sign to make a decision on where to go now? WordPress! Thanks KJ 😛
    Well…I’m here from BC…put me in that hat, would please?:-) Thanks in advance
    Also…Stop by my place anytime
    A place to hang out, invite friends, meet interesting people, blog, vlog, have fun and make money while
    doing it!

  31. I guess nothing is wrong…my comment is just awaiting moderation 🙂 Thx

  32. Just dropping by to enter your contest. Nice blog, too!

  33. Hello Katelyn!! I forgot you moved over here – now it all makes sense (the lack of posting, etc)

    So CONGRATS and let me know how it goes…I still haven’t made the move yet. It’s coming though 🙂

  34. congratulations on the move to wordpress 😀

  35. I never win anything!

  36. @ Rio: Thanks for dropping by and entering!
    @ FineArt: I’m so glad you entered! Thanks for the compliments (:
    @ Christy!: YAY! I’m glad you’ve entered the contest! I haven’t heard from you for a while, I’m going to have to write you!
    @ Khyle: First: Awesome name!! I’ll be checking out your blog (:
    @ Smack: Hey! Thanks for entering the contest! I hope you win then, I’m the same way…I never win anything!

  37. i want in! congrats on the move. u should have opted to self host it. Doesn’t cost much more then wordpress.com. 😉

  38. @ Amy: Glad you stopped by!
    @ Blogger: I’m actually not paying for wordpress (: But selfhosting sounds like an interesting idea…I’ll have to look into that! Thanks for entering!

  39. Hello there,
    I am blog Catalog member responding to your forum post over there. My blog is a collection of wordpress blogging tips, how to instructional posts, tutorials, walk-throughs, work-arounds and links to blogging tools and blogging resources. All you have to do to find it is to click my username. If you do decide to look into self hosting then you will find posts on my blog that will be helpful with that too. Thanks for entering my name into the contest draw.
    Best wishes for happy blogging 🙂

  40. came here through blogcatalog too. 🙂

  41. Ooh a contest! Thanks for letting me know, and welcome to wordpress world! You have a lovely shop. 🙂

  42. I’m a huge fan of wordpress. Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for the comment on my recent post. I will check out that shop!

  43. @ Time: Thanks, I’ll have to check out your site, it sounds helpful!
    @ Sulz: You’re entered! Thanks for stopping by!
    @ Jennifer: You’re welcome! And thanks so much for the compliment!
    @ Amy: I’m really likeing wordpress so far…my list of dislikes for the “other site” are gowing the longer I’m here! I hope the shop helps you!

  44. Went to blogspot, and saw you had moved! Best of luck on wordpress. Love reading your blog, especially coz your a fellow Albertan! Have a great long weekend, hope the camping is fun..tell hubby he can look for a truck on another weekend!

  45. I just started a blog on blogspot so I’m still learning. It can be a little hard to navigate!
    Thanks for hosting this contest. Your new blog looks great!
    Needle Wood Designs

  46. @ Susan: Thanks Susan! It means a lot when people say they love reading my blog (: Don’t worry, I’ve whipped the Hubby into shape, we’re going campin’ this weekend, no truck hunting now!
    @ Lisa: Good luck with the blog! They are so much fun! It’s always a struggle (on any site) to get used to getting around, but soon you’ll have the hang of it! If you need any help, just let me know!

  47. Congrats on your move. Good luck.

  48. hi there – your blog looks great! i hope i win… 🙂

  49. […] last day to enter, so if you’re visiting, make sure you pop your name by commenting on the “Contest!” entry. I’ll be announcing the winner early next week as well as posting a picture of their […]

  50. Is it too late to reply?! I am loving wordpress too….still getting used to the features. 🙂

  51. Sorry, its a tad bit late to enter 😦 But thanks for stopping by!

  52. I love wordpress. Easy to use features, great for anyone to beginner to advanced

  53. I love it too! It hasn’t given me any issues since I started with it…no complaints at all! Thanks for stopping by!

  54. I’ve been out of town for softball all weekend! Really busy at work to. You are suck an inspiration!

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