I Have a Thought

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2008 at 10:33 pm

Actually, I have many, but according to Damien, our brains can only take in so many, so I’ll be withholding a few of the thoughts until later 🙂

Blogs are selfish. At least mine is, or has been lately, and that annoys me. Instead of writing “me me me”, I need to reach out more. I need to think “How can I help my reader? What can I say that they will be interested in?”. Unfortunately, lately it’s been more about what I need to vent, and I feel bad about that. It might have to do with the lack of writing time lately, most likely it does, but that’s no excuse. If I’m going to write, I need to focus on making it more meaningful and not just verbal diarrhea (I love that saying, don’t you??).

Also. I’ve been reading The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being an Entrepreneur and the first ten pages are so fun. They’ve made me see that I am every bit an Entrepreneur and always have been…how that happened exactly, I’m not sure, but I swear it’s in my blood!

“Entrepreneurs are opportunists who seek out a problem or an unfulfilled need and find creative ways to solve the problem or satisfy the need”. -Idiots Guide to Being an Entrepreneur

And now apparently I’m an “idiot” since I had to read this “idiots guide” to realize this. Oh well, I’ve been called worse.

Maybe I’m strange, but I’ll be sitting on the toilet (sometimes I’ll just go there to do this) and be thinking of how I can improve my Etsy items, my store, my promotional ideas. I’ll think of what I can do, a book I can read, a course I can take, an event I can plan, someone I can ask for help…I’ll just sit there going from one idea to the next, never satisfied until I quench that fire, which always leads to another spark and flame. I’m constantly, CONSTANTLY, thinking of ideas to earn money, ways to improve where I’m at, business ideas to help my dad, things I can add to my Etsy store…

“To turn an idea into an opportunity, an entrepreneur has to apply experience, imagination, talent, energy, and cold hard cash until the idea takes root and attracts customers.” -Idiots Guide to Being an Entrepreneur

That’s the hard part, trying to apply everything until it actually takes. It’s a matter of having a good idea and marketing it to the right crowd…annnd marketing it until it’s noticed. The best part about it being your own business, idea or venture, is that it’s ok to make mistakes and matter of fact, that’s how you’re going to learn the best.

I know a lady who is always rolling her eyes at her husbands ventures. “I told him what’s wrong, but he doesn’t seem to get it”. People need to be able to figure things out for themselves. If someone tells you something, that’s great, but honestly, the problem isn’t going to hit home as much until you actually experience it yourself. Mistakes aren’t bad! They help engrain in your mind what is wrong, what will work and what doesn’t. That’s success! Knowing what not to do the next time is a huge step towards a winning venture.

I could go on, but I’ve run out of writing time! I’m glad to be back in the swing of things though! Have a great weekend guys! I’ll try to make more space to write this weekend, now that I’m not busy handing out resumes etc (:

  1. Thanks for the link. There is so much to take is when you are starting to build numbers. Blogging for personal reasons is also valid, but it’s not as overwhelming.

    Then again, paychecks for blogging are pretty kewl as well!

    I’m excited about your progression into WordPress etc.. I hope you consider me a resource if you need any help or if you just want to bounce something off me! I will link this one as well and you can let me know when/if one supersedes the other.

  2. You’re welcome!

    I’ll take you up on the offer to help, for sure! Thanks so much (: Actually, I do have a question, but I’ll email you about it!

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