Quick! Send it!

In Uncategorized on May 15, 2008 at 4:42 am

You know those emails that go around, those dumb forwards saying that if you send it to so many people good luck with befall you? There’s emails that go even further (further but still realistic in our super-charged technology-minded world) and say that if you forward the certain email, it will be tracked and you will earn money for every third (or so) recipient. I’ve had so many friends fall for these emails and send me copies…which I don’t forward because honestly, how can Microsoft seriously track my emails? And why would I even allow them to do that?

Anyways, here at work we have tons of magazines, a small library really, on business, technology and general money making. I was flipping through one of these mags this morning, Wired, and finally confirmed my beliefs! Jonathon Keats, the author, started researching this email trend when he received one of these emails from a trusted (and apparently brilliant) friend. He phoned the “authors” of the letter, emailed the recipiants of the letter to see if they ever received the so called prize.

His calls to the “originators” of this email proved to be fruitless as they were just people who’s name had been added to the letter after they sent it. Somehow, the system took their name (as it would with future names of senders) making them the “senders”, when really, they were just Joe-Blo’s like us, trying to see if they would earn money off of this email.

Finally, the author, Jonathon reached an internet archivist who claimed that he had one of the first emails of this kind. Martin Miller, the archivist, had received this email in 1997. The first name on the list of “originators” at that point was a Bryan Mack.

To make a long story short, Jonathon reached Bryan Mack and finally put the wondering to rest. This email, Mack said, had started on a whim. A thought, an “I wonder”, if he could create a better one that another hoax he had received. His plan had snowballed (ha! You could say that!) and continued much longer than he had planned. By the time he became worried that he would be accused of fraud, there was no worry, since his name had long been erased from the letter.

Innnnteresting! So it IS a hoax…I don’t have to keep an eye out for that missing cheque anymore. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn money just by sending our friends emails? We’d all be rich!!

In other news: I received the card I won over at Twiddlestix’s blog!! YAY!! It’s beautiful and SUCH good quality! Twiddles, you amaze me! Good work girl and thanks so much for making me your winner!

Also, the other day (ok, I always say that…but really it was like a month ago!) I received my stamp from Sweet Paperie, a GREAT Etsy shop! Check it out…my own name in ink! Yay!!

  1. Yay! I’m so glad you got the card! And happy that you like it. Thanks for the blurb about me!

  2. You’re welcome! I love it, seriously, SUCH a nice card! My mom-in-law is going to die when I show it to her, she loves this stuff too (:

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