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Remember back a few weeks ago (months, was it?) when I posted about camping? At that point I didn’t have my pictures off of the camera…and because of the new laptop I didn’t actually figure out how to transfer pictures from the camera to the LT until last night. I’m actually really technical, but I couldn’t find the camera cord for the longest time and then last night remembered that you can take the memory chip and plug it directly into the camera. Simple!

Anyways, that was a long way of saying “here are a couple pics from the camping trip!”. I’m so good with the words.

Camping again this long weekend! I actually can’t wait. The weather is supposed to be hot hot hot and the green is just starting to show in the woods, should be a good weekend. We were planning on going for two nights but now the hubby is thinking about taking a trip to Edmonton or Calgary to look at trucks…so it will probably end up being just one night.

One of my friends, Georgia Murray, now has her music available on itunes!! She also has a facebook fan page with more pictures and updates. Check ‘er out!

I still have to figure out how to center pictures on wordpress…it doesn’t work when I press “center” (the obvious choice!) when I upload a picture…hmmm.

I feel like I have no time lately! I’d love to read up in my Idiots Guide to Being an Entrepreneur, or some of these business magazines, but I have no time! Maybe one of these days we’ll slow down and I can relax!

  1. k, try changing to the default theme in Design and see if the center function works. Have you done anything code wise in your sidebar? There may be a call that is still open, or that you never resolved.

    Try that other theme and see if the pictures center.

    If that doesn’t work, have you tried raw code intead of the little tree?

    you need to use the call: align=”center” within the img section

  2. But I don’t WANNA change my theme! :b Ok, I’ll try it and see if it works. Thanks for the tips, it’s sure good to know someone who can help me out!

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