Indiana Jones – Yay or Nay?

In Uncategorized on June 4, 2008 at 6:07 pm


I’ve read several reviews of this latest Indiana Jones movie and for the most part, they’re not positive.

Bad effects, lame acting, weak plot

But of course, in spite of the bleak outlook, I had to see the movie for myself. (I’m like that with people too, even if someone tells me something negative about someone, I just have to see it for myself before I judge them).

Hubby and I sat down with our popcorn, Pepsi and gummies and tried to ignore all the “tweens” around us, their cell phones lighting up every three seconds. I swear they each switched seats at least five times during the movie and didn’t stop talking enough to even see the opening scene. The young kid behind us kept asking his older brother what was going to happen next, even though the brother obviously hadn’t seen the movie before either. Even though they were talking (and gasping at the effects) at a level that was heard across the whole theatre, I thought they were pretty cute. Two little boys going to see the movie together, both still nervous at the “scary” parts.

The movie got into full gear right off, it was engaging, humorous and the acting really wasn’t that bad…although it wasn’t amazing either. Honestly, I haven’t seen the other Indiana Jones movies, but I thought it was pretty decent given the rate of unbelievable stunts that IJ is known for.

I was impressed, like I always am, with Cate Blanchet’s acting. She’s amazing. She totally devotes herself to her characters and always stuns me.

I thought the movie could have used a few tweaks, like in the “romance” area which wasn’t really needed, I thought. But for the most part it was entertaining and worth seeing, if only for a chance to get out of the house and eat huge amounts of carbs (did you know one medium theatre popcorn, unbuttered, has aprox 650 carbs?? I just try not to think about it). 

Ok, and seriously…I had no idea Harrison Ford was so cuuute when he was younger! Like…wow! He’s not a bad looking guy now, but when he was younger…twit-twoooo!


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