Random Shots

In Uncategorized on June 6, 2008 at 4:17 pm

We went camping this past weekend and it was beautiful! Cobie, our pup, swam for the second time in her life and became quickly obsessed with it. She whined and moaned when we wouldn’t throw her stick into the water.

I got the second snap of a creek near my inlaws house…if you look closely in the middle of the picture (click on it to blow it up!), you’ll be able to see a Beaver just making his way into the water. He was right up on the bank but instead of just opening the window and taking a picture, I opened the car door and scared him away. He was HUGE!

The last picture is a shot of my neice’s eye…she’s so beautiful and has such stunning eyes, it’s no wonder she runs away when she sees I have the camera out. I just can’t stop taking pictures of her! “Nooo Kiki!” She says (:

  1. Did you take the blue eye pic? Wow!

  2. Yeah, that’s my neice (: She was getting her diaper changed so she was finally sittin still for me (: Thanks!

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