That’s Girls For Ya

In Uncategorized on June 7, 2008 at 3:00 pm

I was just thinking the other day of when my sister left for Australia. It was so hard to see her go and know that it just wasn’t for a two week trip. I had never lived a different town than her. We weren’t always close, we used to fight like crazy when we were kids, I used to scream “I must be adopted, my REAL sister wouldn’t treat me this way!” (apparently I was a drama queen).

But then we reached our later teens, boys came into the picture and we’d stay up late talking about so-and-so and how we were sure he liked me…or how that-guy had smiled at her.

Trips to Tim Hortons or shopping splurges were always on our list and we constantly phoned each other just to chat or vent about the latest event. We were pretty much attached at the hip.

I sent this movie to her when she arrived in Australia as a sad but halarious version of our goodbye…the movie was us exactly.




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