Asking for a Sign

In Uncategorized on June 10, 2008 at 5:10 pm


So one of my sisters just finished her training as a flight attendant. Or “Trolly Dolly” as she likes to be referred to. Or “Cookie Pusher” as my father in law calls them. Whatever, as long as she’s wearing heels, she’s happy (:

Last night was her first flight. They got hit by lightening. No joke! She’s going to send me pictures, apparently it cracked the cockpit’s window!

Ok but to make things even funnier (!) she’s having issues with this guy she likes, she’s trying to figure out if she should settle in one place and start a relationship with him (she’s one of those “over thinkers”). As a good little Christian girl, I’m sure she’s asked for a ‘sign’ about her relationship with this guy. So, I’m just imagining this in my head…but imagine asking God for a sign…and then getting hit by lightening.

I think that’s the sign 😀

  1. That is pretty funny (as long as she didn’t get hurt). I think if I were asking God for signs, I wouldn’t get that close to him to do it. By the way, which way would she interpret that sign?

  2. I told her she should interpret the sign as God telling her that flying just isn’t for her (: And then I was hoping she would come back home and chose the boy! But I don’t think she quite got the same message (:

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