Selling on Etsy #2: Apply It!

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This is the second of my Selling on Etsy series. In the first one we covered the very skeleton of your foundation, more of which we’ll cover in future entries.

I think that starting off on Etsy is like being a writer. Writing is hard, it takes lots of work and determination. A lot of editing is involved and criticism is needed. Why? Well, when I write, I look at my work as two things a) a creation I’m very proud of and b) what it’s meant to be, not what it actually is. I don’t want to change parts because they seem to be great to me, but another reader will tell me something else; it’s confusing, over descriptive and boring. He’ll also tell me that there are spelling mistakes. I didn’t notice the mistakes because I read those words as what I knew should be there.

This brings me to my next point. Getting a family member or close friend to critique your work, either the set up of your store or your products, isn’t the most productive thing you can do. Yes, you’d like to think that the friend would always be honest with you…but really, that doesn’t happen very often. And if it does, sometimes you won’t be receptive to it.

The best reviews / criticism you’ll find is in the Etsy forumsand, if you’re lucky, the store critique Etsy employees sometimes give. These people don’t know you and won’t feel the same connection to you as a family member or friend will. They’ll be honest, sometimes brutal (a good thing and a bad thing), because of this. For some, this can be hard to take. For others, it’s what they revel in. Although Etsy buyers and sellers seem to be honest with each other in the forums, they do it in a way that is (mostly) encouraging and understanding.

Here’s a quote from a great book I know:

Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like a man who looks at his face in a mirror and, after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like

In English please?

Pay attention to advice. Don’t just listen to it, nod your head, walk away and not think about it. Actually apply it to your life.    – Katelyn’s Translation

 You can get all the critiques you want. They don’t do any good unless you actually do something about it! Dive into your store with the thought that you need to impress your shoppers. Take new pictures, alter them if needed, buy or make a new banner, write a better description. Just pay attention to the suggestions and apply them to your Etsy store.

Here’s your challenge:

Start a forum thread to receive reviews of your store. See what people have to say. Take at least three of those suggestions and apply them to your store.

If you’re nervous about this (I was my first time!) ask people to go easy on you. They will! Etsy is full of very encouraging members, they love to help each other!

  1. etsy critique forums have helped make a better banner and reconsider item background colors.
    I really don’t start my own thread I don’t get many responses that way I just add a post to a critique the shop above you or I’ll critique your store posts.
    IT’s scary and helpful. Sometimes it’s not as bad as you think.

  2. You’re right! I built up the fear of getting critiqued quite a bit and then when I actually did it, it was totally fine! Everyone is so helpful and understanding, it’s such a great community!

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