Selling on Etsy #4: Still Promoting

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This is the fourth entry in the Selling on Etsy Series. Make sure you check out the other entries for more tips!

  1. Laying Your Foundation
  2. Apply it!
  3. Promoting

What? Still chattin’ about Promoting? Yep, there’s so much to cover in this subject I decided to to another entry on it!

Last time we talked about how to promote your Etsy store. That article was about promotional items you can use to:

  • Put in stores
  • Give away with sales or
  • Hand out at a Craft Fair

This entry will be about what you can DO to promote your Etsy store.

Promoting is all about getting out there and letting people know who you are and what you offer. It’s a huge part of every business but even more important if you’re selling on the net. Without promoting, you’re just letting people find their way to you…which can be near impossible considering how many stores there are on the net.

Here’s a few things you can do to promote:

  • Join Crafters Community. It’s always good to promote yourself outside of Etsy. Yes, the majority of the sellers also buy off of Etsy, but it’s a great idea to get your name out past that site. There are so many more buyers other than on Etsy! It’s a great way to spread your name around!
  • The Sampler. This site had the great idea of helping other crafters (record labels and zines too!) to get their name and products out into the world. You submit some of your items and they distribute them to different businesses and media. In exchange for your items, they will give you a discount on advertising on their site, a sampler and free promotion on their site (aka: pictures of your items and links to your store on their site). It’s worth checking out!
  • Craftster is a great crafting community. It has chatting forums, picture posts and advertising spots. It’s a great site to get to know other crafting minds and see what they’ve been up to. Allllso, it’s a great place to let people know about your Etsy store (: Of course.
  • Indie Public is a super cool site with discussion groups and forums. You can load pictures of your current projects and comment on other members pages and pictures. I love this site!
  • Then there’s the well known Facebook, myspace and Flickr. All these sites are easy to navigate. You can join groups, create your own groups, add friends and upload pictures of your crafts. They are all excellent for networking and a great way to make new crafting friends.

I seriously suggest joining at least a couple of these sites. Join as many as you think you can keep faithfull to, and keep going back…daily if possible. If not, at least a couple times a week. People sometimes view promoting like this like a huge task. It’s not really! Just set aside 15 minutes a night or every second night and comment in a couple forum posts, write a quick journal entry (the online sort) and request a few friends. Remember that making and helping friends is the best way to make an impact. If you are constantly answering questions for people or helping them with ideas in the forums, you will create a name for yourself and slowly become an influential member of that site.

Another thing I love to do to find more ways to promote my Etsy store is read the Featured Seller interviews Etsy has on their home page. My favorite part of these interviews is how the sellers promote themselves and the advice they have for other sellers. It’s a great way to find out what successful sellers do!

Remember to check back tomorrow for the next Selling on Etsy installment!

  1. thanks for mentioning the Sampler! i think your boxes are awesome.

  2. Thanks!! And you’re welcome (: I’ve heard some good things about the Sampler!

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