Selling on Etsy #5: Puttin’ Your Foot Down

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This is the 5th entry in the series Selling on Etsy. Make sure you check out the other posts:

  1. Laying Your Foundation
  2. Applying it!
  3. Promoting and
  4. Still Promoting!

Like I said before, when I signed up for Etsy I thought it’d be a walk in the park. I’d upload my items and watch the sales roll in. Wrong. Unfortunately, it’s not a “no-effort” deal. If it was, we’d all be rich.

So, I started listing more items. I read all the Storque articles on how to get more sales and I tried applying their advice to how I ran my store. Here’s a few of the tips I learned not only from Etsy, but from their top sellers:

  • Re-list or list new items frequently. This doesn’t mean just one a day, this means several a day. This takes determination and a tad bit of money but try listing one new item a day and then re-listing a couple of your older ones.
  • Comment in the forums often, answer questions whenever you can and just have fun with the other sellers!
  • Update your store. Buy a funky banner, make sure your avatar is attractive and clickable, make sure your shop announcement is still relative.
  • Make sure your photos are clear, not blurry and are well presented. Remember that this is the only impression your buyers have of the item. If the photos are messy, blurry, don’t have good lighting or show your messy house…chances are the sellers are going to be a bit turned off.
  • Promote promote promote!

It’s all about putting your foot down and being persistent. Maybe that means having a daily Promotions Forum post saying “This is new in my store!” or making a habit of listing regularly. Just remember you have a right to make sales! Realize that and attack it full force!

Here’s a few more ways to get your name out there:

 The best part about Etsy is that all of their online promotional thingies are FUN! That, and Etsy is such a great community. Everyone is SO helpful and kind, it’s just such an encouraging place to hang!

                   Promos In A Snap have everything you’ll want for promoting your Etsy store!


  1. Hey, thanks for passing on info! It’s great to hear your take on it.

  2. I’m so glad you like them! I’ll be having more series’ on different types of creativity so make sure you keep stopping in! (:

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