Selling on Etsy #6: Wrapping it Up

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This is the final entry of the Selling on Etsy Series. Make sure you check out the other entries!

  • Laying Your Foundation
  • Applying it!
  • Promoting and
  • Still Promoting!
  • I’m just going to quickly focus on two points: Customer appreciation and packaging.

    One thing I’ve learned from the successful sellers on Etsy is that you need to make a good impression on your buyers. This not only means making a good product but also means that when they receive your package in the mail, they’ll be impressed with the effort and care you sent it with. I love doing this! With each parcel I send out, I always include some treats, business cards and some Etsy pins. I wrap the parcel in tissue paper, maybe add a bow, and just make it a special package. I like to make the whole parcel a fun experience.

    For one of my latest sales I placed the Kiki Bag in a gift bag, topped it with tissue paper and included some candy and business cards. This not only makes me feel good about sending the package but also makes the buyer feel like they made a professional purchase.

    Make sure you check out this video for more Etsy shipping ideas!

    Customer appreciation. This is huuuuge. Here’s a few ways I like to show my customers I appreciate them:

    • Clear and enthusiastic convos. Every time I have a sale I convo the buyer, thank them for the sale and let them know when I will be shipping out their item. Sometimes, once it’s shipped, I convo them again just to let them know how many days it should take for the item to get to them. I ask them to let me know when they receive the item. If a couple weeks pass and I haven’t heard from them, I usually write again asking if they received the item.
    • Like I said above, I like to show my appreciation for the sale by including a few extra treats in with the package.

    From what I’ve heard, many of the top sellers on Etsy recommend these practices and have noticed that they create repeat buyers. I’m also hoping that because of these special touches the buyers will feel more appreciated and will tell their friends of their experince. Word of mouth is the best advertising!

    Have fun! There’s tons of ways to show your appreciation and to package your gifts, try out a few things, ask other sellers what they do…just enjoy it!

    Thanks for reading through this series! It’s the first one I’ve done here and I really enjoyed writing it! I hope you were able to get some ideas from my thoughts. Let me know what you thought and if you have any suggestions for my next series!

    1. ive never been sure what to include as a gift with my package, candy is a great idea!!
      great article!

    2. Thanks! I’d sure love to receive candy so I thought “why not?” (:

    3. I realize I am reading these posts that are a year old-but my husband just found your blog. I just opened my etsy shop lastnight and this is some really great advice!! Thanks so much!! I finished a couple paintings today and will be getting them up there by tonight. Check it out and let me know any ideas you have-i’d love a critique. Thanks again. Jen


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