My Name

In Uncategorized on June 25, 2008 at 10:14 pm

I visited a blog today that had a post about the author searching her name in Etsy. I decided that was a pretty funky thing to do so I tried it and here’s what I came up with!

 Invitations by Nella Designs

 A journal by Katie Muth

 Cute buttons by Sakura Kitty


  1. What a cool idea Katlyn!!!! I will do the same!
    just wanted to stop by to thank you for your lucky vibes that you sent me yesterday, i really appreciated you reaching out and was totallly uplifted by all the comments. 😉
    so thank you so much.

  2. Yay Bonz! I’m SO glad you stopped by! I really admire your store and your blog! I’m really glad you were encouraged by our comments (: Our thoughts were with you!

  3. Oh so you typed in your name to search the tags? I did that for a treasury once. My name is quite common though lol. I got tons of results.

  4. Yep, just typed in “Katie” in the search and it came up with a ton of items (: I just picked a few I liked.

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