Busy Busy

In Uncategorized on June 26, 2008 at 6:24 pm

Well, this week has turned out to be a busy one! I’m getting ready for the Farmers Market coming up this Saturday and I just bought a Main Showcase spot on Etsy so I’ll need to fill the store a bit more. In the midst of all this, I’ve been bombarded by friends visits and family from out of town! Oh well, busy is a good thing.

I’ve also contacted Supermarket about getting my items on their site, I hope to hear back from them soon and hopefully it’ll be good news! I’m not sure what their standards are for products, but if they’re anything like Tunkt, they’re bar might be set pretty high.

I’ve also been making inquiries about ceramic transfers so I can start making my own little line of mugs, bowls and plates. I’m still just at the “getting quotes” stage, but it’s exciting! Even if I just make this project for gifts for friends and family, it’s going to be exciting to try out!

I’ll be posting more pictures and bags at my Etsy store soon, so make sure you check them out!



  1. Hey there! Thanks to you I just remembered about Trunkt, and just applied! Your blog is looking great!

  2. Oh good!! Let me know what they say about your items!

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