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I had a comment from a reader about the Showcase spots that I mentioned earlier and thought I would expand on my answer in a post.

Blossoming Tree wrote:

Have you purchased a spot? If so how did that work for you? I thought about it but haven’t made a definite decision yet.

I personally think that Showcase spots are a great investment! I haven’t actually had a sale directly from the previous spots I’ve purchased in the Showcase, but I’ve gained a few hearts and views and I really consider these a long term investment. I’m constantly checking my Hearted stores for new items or going back to buy more products from them. I’ve heard from other sellers that they do the same thing, so Hearts are always a good thing!

I’ve purchased both a Main Showcase spot before (couple of them!) and a itemized Showcase spot. I would recommend the Main Showcase or the Travel Showcase (this is the other one displayed at the top of the Etsy home page, it changes as per season and special occasions such as Fathers Day). These Showcases are both really bold and in your face when you come to the Etsy home page and are sure to get more views from visitors than other smaller Showcases.

When I purchased a spot in the Bags and Purses Showcase, I didn’t notice any results at all. No more hearts, no more views. From my personal experience, I wouldn’t recommend these Showcases although I’m sure there are sellers who have had other experiences.

There’s also the Storque Showcase which I find secondary to the Main Showcase. Many Etsy buyers and sellers are constantly reading the Storque and that brings them to see this particular Showcase. Its’ not as great at the Main one, but still pretty good and worth the investment of $7.00.

Like I’ve said in other posts, promotion and getting out there is a must when it comes to selling on Etsy (or really any other site for that matter!). You need to let people know who you are and what you offer. Showcases are a great way to do this as buyers can click on an item and see several avatar sized pictures of your products. You want people to look and click! Getting Hearts is like handing out business cards, even if they dont’ buy right then, they know where to get ahold of you in the future!

  1. Shameless self promotion is your ticket to any successful business. You are awesome! Keep going!

  2. I just purchased my first showcase today so this is very encouraging, thank you!

  3. I need some help from you! I’d love to have your ad on my blog, not sure how to go about it. Maybe I should switch to wordpress too. Arg!

    Keep up the promotion of yourself…way to go! 😉

  4. @Liberty: No, YOU’RE awesome (: Thanks girl!
    @Mel: Congrats on the SC spot! I hope it brings you some hearts and sales!!
    @Twiddle: I’ll convo you (: I’d love to have an ad on your blog!

  5. Great post! I am fairly new to Etsy and many sellers have told me to nix the Showcase. You make a pretty good argument as to why people should “invest” in a Showcase. Thanks!

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