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In etsy, seller on June 27, 2008 at 3:47 pm


I had this great interview with Eva from OhSmile the other day. You really have to check out her store, it’s amazing. Her art work seriously inspires me and makes me feel happy…apparently, that’s what she was going for! (: Enjoy!

Q: How long have you been into the stationary business and how did you get started?
Having graphic design background, and the passion for drawing, I started etsy gift shop in 2008. ohSmile brand wishes to share the simple joy of life. Design, illustration or handmade gifts are my interpretation of life into a fantasy world. I hope to portray joy of life through objects around us often taken for granted. Life needs a little bit of imagination and a lot of smiles.

Q: What would you do differently?

If I have the time, I’d wish to be more active in promoting the shop.

Q: Where are you hoping this will lead you?

Since the launch of ohSmile, I have been featured in many blogs and interviewed about my designs. My work is also published in a book in Asia, soon will be published in USA. I hope these exposures will give the audience a refreshed journey getting to know my whimsical fantasy world!


Q: Are you doing Etsy full time?
At this moment, I’m part time graphic designer, part time Etsian. My focus now is to create, draw and be joyous!

Q: How do you promote your items and what are your promotion goals?
Blog features certainly helps in many ways in establishing the audience base. Thanks to you! I recently moved to Hong Kong and am in the process of promoting and featuring my gift items and greeting cards in boutique shops and stationery stores. I hope to also attend art fairs in HK, China, Taiwan, and Singapore.

Q: What is your advice to other Etsy sellers?
Always research the market, understand your own weakness and strength. Love what you do and do what you love to do. Give yourself an opportunity, you can do it too!


  1. It seems obvious that you love what you do!


  2. Great interview and lovely work! 🙂

  3. Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I’m glad you guys liked the interview! Isn’t her work amazing??

  4. gorgeous stationary!

  5. Also meant to add that I love this quote:
    “My focus now is to create, draw and be joyous!”

    I second that!

  6. Hi Katelynjane
    thank you for stopping by my blog 🙂
    Wonderful interview you have showcased here . She does beautiful work, doesn’t she?
    btw, I’m not on the coast (sadly). i’m in the interior of BC

    love your blog and I’ll be back


  7. @ Lb: I loved that quote too (: Thanks for leaving a comment!
    @Moni: You’re welcome! I was really impressed with your photography. I’m so glad you’ll be visitng my blog again, I’ll be visiting your too! (:

  8. thank you for featuring my work. I am in the process of creating new designs. Please stop by ohSmile.etsy.com and perhaps you’ll find a little bit of joy there. Thank you for all your nice comments!! They certainly are encouraging!

  9. It’s always nice to seeing what people come up with using my designs.


  10. Great work Little Lion! (: Thanks for stopping by!

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