Weekend Adventures

In Uncategorized on June 28, 2008 at 3:00 pm

Who needs to work anyways? Because of the “long weekend” not being so “long” (Canada Day lands on a Tuesday this year! What’s up with that?!) I get Monday annnnd Tuesday off. Yep, so I’m not complaining. Then I work Wednesday and have Thursday / Friday off for a wedding. Heavy work load, as you can tell!

There’s a list of books I’ll be ordering in the near future. Everyone tells me to just go to the library, but when it comes to returning books / movies, I’m really awful at it and it ends up costing me as much to own in the end…so I just buy stuff.

It turns out that I can’t go to the Farmers Market this week, the people who run the organization wont be there and said to wait until next week to attend. That’s ok, it leaves me with less panic to get more bags sewn up. I’ll be going to “the city” (I feel like such a country hick when I say that!) this weekend to get more fabric. And since I have so many days off, I’ll be sewing my butt off and have a ton of them ready for next Saturday!

Have a great weekend!!



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