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Always Something Else

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There’s always something else you can do to promote or get your name out there! I just visited a blog and found this great site, which I know nothing about yet but it looks really cool! 

Have you joined IndiePublic yet? It’s another site to promote your Etsy items and it’s super cute and fun.

Anyways, off to call clients, write up radio ads and check out this new site. Busy day!!

Feature Friday

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Ittttt’s Friday!! Another weekend is upon us and I’m just so excited for it! Not only because of my craft fair tomorrow, but also because some sleep will be in order (:

Being Friday, it’s also time for the Friday Feature of an Etsy store! This week it’s Danbury Lane, a store I fell in love with as soon as I saw this bright orange Tutu…I really need to splurge and get a few for my neice and little sisters. They’d look adorable running around the farm in this!

Make sure you take a peek into their store and check out their adorable items, they really get you in the mood for summer, seeing the kids playing outside and gardening.  If I had kids, they’d be wearing these items!



Last Minute Plans

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I’m exhausted. Last night I was up until midnight sewing. I found out yesterday that there’s an open air market happening in town…tomorrow. I decided to go for it even though it’s verrry short notice, there’s still a few bags in my store I can take down and then I thought if I put the pedal to the metal I could sew some more. I’m only bringing a small, square card table, so I don’t need to worry about filling up a long one.

I found out about the market at 4 yesterday evening, emailed the coordinator and asked if registration was still being accepted, sprinted home and sewed up three big bags. I’m calling them “big bags” since they are a bit bigger than my Kiki Bags and I haven’t come up with a name for them yet. On top of this I cut out six Zippies which I was going to sew tonight and then get whatever I could get done on Saturday morning…but then I started thinking that I should have more big bags since they’ll bring in more money. The Zippies are just an “afterthought purchase” or something for the younger kids. So I’ll be sewing, hopefully, three more big bags tonight. That’ll bring my list to:

  • Six Big Bags
  • 10 Zippies
  • 8 Kitty Bags
  • 5 Sets of Tags
  • Seven Boxes

Hopefully this is enough. If I happen to sell everything (pretty please!) I’ll just pack it up and go home early. If not, at least I’ll learn which of my items are more popular, which ones sell, and I’ll get input from the buyers as to what they’d like to see in the bags.

Cross your fingers! I’ll be posting more about my experience as well as pictures soon!

To have striven, to have made the effort, to have been true to certain ideals – this alone is worth the struggle. – William Penn


Sew What

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I was just talking about this wasn’t I? 😀 Great minds think alike!

Tonight is sewing night! It’s official. I finally have a free night and the hubby is talking about going quadding with his buddy…so I can spend all evening in my craft room, mp3 player on, singing my guts out and cutting / sewing new bags! I’m so excited! I have a couple orders from girls around town and a few new fabrics to work with…I can’t wait to get them done!

The money I’m earning from these recent sales will be going towards a button maker. I’ve decided I want to try one out and since I’ve made a couple sales, I’m getting closer to having the money. Just another couple bags and it’s a go.

Thanks again to everyone who is taking a peek through my Selling on Etsy series! I’ve had great responses from that series and can’t wait to get started on the next one! If you have any suggestions let me know (: Thanks guys!

Oh, I had my first “insult comment” this morning…I guess that means I’m doing something right hey?

Selling on Etsy #6: Wrapping it Up

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This is the final entry of the Selling on Etsy Series. Make sure you check out the other entries!

  • Laying Your Foundation
  • Applying it!
  • Promoting and
  • Still Promoting!
  • I’m just going to quickly focus on two points: Customer appreciation and packaging.

    One thing I’ve learned from the successful sellers on Etsy is that you need to make a good impression on your buyers. This not only means making a good product but also means that when they receive your package in the mail, they’ll be impressed with the effort and care you sent it with. I love doing this! With each parcel I send out, I always include some treats, business cards and some Etsy pins. I wrap the parcel in tissue paper, maybe add a bow, and just make it a special package. I like to make the whole parcel a fun experience.

    For one of my latest sales I placed the Kiki Bag in a gift bag, topped it with tissue paper and included some candy and business cards. This not only makes me feel good about sending the package but also makes the buyer feel like they made a professional purchase.

    Make sure you check out this video for more Etsy shipping ideas!

    Customer appreciation. This is huuuuge. Here’s a few ways I like to show my customers I appreciate them:

    • Clear and enthusiastic convos. Every time I have a sale I convo the buyer, thank them for the sale and let them know when I will be shipping out their item. Sometimes, once it’s shipped, I convo them again just to let them know how many days it should take for the item to get to them. I ask them to let me know when they receive the item. If a couple weeks pass and I haven’t heard from them, I usually write again asking if they received the item.
    • Like I said above, I like to show my appreciation for the sale by including a few extra treats in with the package.

    From what I’ve heard, many of the top sellers on Etsy recommend these practices and have noticed that they create repeat buyers. I’m also hoping that because of these special touches the buyers will feel more appreciated and will tell their friends of their experince. Word of mouth is the best advertising!

    Have fun! There’s tons of ways to show your appreciation and to package your gifts, try out a few things, ask other sellers what they do…just enjoy it!

    Thanks for reading through this series! It’s the first one I’ve done here and I really enjoyed writing it! I hope you were able to get some ideas from my thoughts. Let me know what you thought and if you have any suggestions for my next series!

    Five Minutes

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    It’s five minutes before quitting time and this is the first time I’ve sat down today. It’s been craaaaazzy! But that’s the way I like it (: I’ve been out selling ads like a mad woman and hopefully I’ll have some MULA to show for it soon!

    Sorry for the delay on the next Selling on Etsy installment! I meant to get to it today but there wasn’t a moment to sit and type! Tomorrow, it will be up tomorrow!

    For those of you who have been feeling insecure lately (blush – guilty!), take a look at this and start believing in yourself again (: You’re beautiful!

    She’s Inspiration – Amazing Visions Contest

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    This is my entry for Damien’s “Amazing Visions” contest over at Postcards from the Funny Farm! It’s not too late to enter so make sure you go over there and check it out!

    When I think of “inspiration” I immediately think of crafting. Then my next thought is “Good grief Kate, think of real life“. I can’t. There’s so many people I like in history and currently in my life, but as much as they inspire me, it isn’t on the same level as the crafters I know.

    To me, inspiration means “encouraging someone to pursue their loves”. I have many people that encourage me in my passions, but there’s few people that actually make me want to do better and pursue these things.

    It’s weird because you’d think that the people closest to me would be the most influential, but it’s really a few bloggers I’ve come across that are. I read their entries, see their work and I just can’t wait to get into my craft room and start creating something. Anything!

    Inspiration is a big thing. It encourages you, it enlightens you, it makes you believe in your projects and their direction.

    a divine influence directly and immediately exerted upon the mind or soul.


    Yep, this is pretty much it. “A devine influence”.  Another quote comes to mind when I hear this:

    I know the plans I have for you. Plans for you to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.

    When I go through my friends’ blogs, read their plans and their crafting experiences, and then start applying it to my crafting life, I always come back to this last quote. “I’m going to prosper!”.

    Inspiration is huge, it’s friends kind words, it’s sharing, it’s a helping hand. Both Make It and Posie Gets Cozy allows us into their world to be constantly inspired. They share ideas and encourage us in their success, both in sales and their creative spirits.


    Your Escape

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    You know how I posted about My Escape yesterday…or was that this morning? I just found that Decor8 is hosting a contest for a “mood board“. Check out the blog for more details, but it looks like a ton of fun. June 23 is the deadline so hurry and get your boards in high gear! There’s so great prizes!! I’d love to enter my ideas for my craft room…now if only I can find the time…

    Be Inspired

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    Wouldn’t you just love your kids to say this about you? I hope my kids love me this much. While you’re over there, watch her adorable video on being kind. It’s inspirational!

    Selling on Etsy #5: Puttin’ Your Foot Down

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                                     Visit Sweet Paperie for personalized stamps! 

    This is the 5th entry in the series Selling on Etsy. Make sure you check out the other posts:

    1. Laying Your Foundation
    2. Applying it!
    3. Promoting and
    4. Still Promoting!

    Like I said before, when I signed up for Etsy I thought it’d be a walk in the park. I’d upload my items and watch the sales roll in. Wrong. Unfortunately, it’s not a “no-effort” deal. If it was, we’d all be rich.

    So, I started listing more items. I read all the Storque articles on how to get more sales and I tried applying their advice to how I ran my store. Here’s a few of the tips I learned not only from Etsy, but from their top sellers:

    • Re-list or list new items frequently. This doesn’t mean just one a day, this means several a day. This takes determination and a tad bit of money but try listing one new item a day and then re-listing a couple of your older ones.
    • Comment in the forums often, answer questions whenever you can and just have fun with the other sellers!
    • Update your store. Buy a funky banner, make sure your avatar is attractive and clickable, make sure your shop announcement is still relative.
    • Make sure your photos are clear, not blurry and are well presented. Remember that this is the only impression your buyers have of the item. If the photos are messy, blurry, don’t have good lighting or show your messy house…chances are the sellers are going to be a bit turned off.
    • Promote promote promote!

    It’s all about putting your foot down and being persistent. Maybe that means having a daily Promotions Forum post saying “This is new in my store!” or making a habit of listing regularly. Just remember you have a right to make sales! Realize that and attack it full force!

    Here’s a few more ways to get your name out there:

     The best part about Etsy is that all of their online promotional thingies are FUN! That, and Etsy is such a great community. Everyone is SO helpful and kind, it’s just such an encouraging place to hang!

                       Promos In A Snap have everything you’ll want for promoting your Etsy store!