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Just a Tid Bit

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So I was just looking through my blog stats to see who was visiting and where they were coming from. I Clicked on one of the links and it took me to YouTube (something to do with the link I posted yesterday…which if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really have to!). I saw a line of videos and decided to click on one…something about a lion.



Click this and look!!

As a pet owner…it just about made me cry, it a really good way!

That just made my day.


Creative Lapse

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This week has been really lacking in creativity for me…well, when it comes to sewing and my normal crafts, I guess I’ve been creative in a different way.

Last nights event with Karla Carol-Ann, the makeup artist and fashion stylist from NYC was really interesting. I spent all day at the hotel getting the conference room ready, decorating and making sure the set up of the room was what we needed (the hotel didn’t take notes when I was describing what I wanted before and had everything completely wrong when I got there).

The biggest thing I learned from Karla was to wash my makeup brushes…did you know to do this?? I had no idea! But it really makes sense since you’re using them constantly and they collect bacteria. Also, I discovered that I need to get new brushes for my eye makeup. Anything to make the morning ritual go faster!


But that’s enough about that…

Creativity is a MUST for tonight! I’ll be working on accomplishing my weekly goals as well as sewing a new Kiki Bag, special ordered from a co-worker. I’m excited to work on this bag as it’s the same style as my Hobo Bag. It’s just a fun and cute style.

I’m also still waiting for my grommet press that I ordered on Ebay, I hope it comes before the weekend so I can have a project to work on during my off days.

Big Day

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I’m so busy here at work today! We’re having a Fashion Stylist and Makeup Artist from NYC coming to give presentation this evening. It’s going to be a great event and hopefully packed! I’ve been decorating the conference room all morning, getting the tables ready and setting up the prizes.

I don’t think that I’ll have another chance to blog again today, so I’ll leave you with this cute little clip. Sorry it’s not a great post today, I wish I had more time to put an effort into it, but that’s just impossible today!


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I should almost write a daily post on things I want from Etsy…it’s way too easy to find items I want on that site! Dang you amazing crafty people!         


Isn’t this wrap amazzzzing?? Ahpeele is a one of those super sellers on Etsy, they have incredible products that people just can’t resist (I’m so doomed).


You know those funky household stores you walk into that immediately make you smell yummy? Red Leaf is one of those stores…only virtual. I want this spray, in this muggy heat, it’d feel so refreshing!


When I was little, we visited my family in England and I claimed my Grandad’s newsboy hat as my own for the entire trip. Now that I’ve grown up and they style’s now in again, it’s time to get one of my own! Sanchia’s store is so perfect and I’ve just GOT to have this hat!


The Vintage Chainis a new store on Etsy that’s a M.U.S.T to take a look at. Cute items! And it’s on my Gimme List this week (: Um yeah, husband…I hope you’re reading this.

Ok, goals for this week:

  1. Take picture of new bags
  2. Finish two new Kj Bags
  3. Work on BIG PROJECT (!!!)

I’ll explain more about the new Kj Bags when I’ve posted them…but I’m just not very happy about them…I’ll tell you more about that later.

Goals: Week 7

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This past weeks goals were so much better than the previous weeks. I’ve continued to keep the goal of 50 daily views because I think it’s attainable, although I’ve had some recent trouble in reaching it.

Last week, I made an effort to send some “fuel” to my blogger friends on Fuel My Blog every day, comment in the discussions over at Blog Catalog daily, and also comment in the blogging forums at Etsy (daily as well). I noticed all of these things worked together to bring my views up a bit, but there’s still a tad bit of tweaking I need to do. I also kept an eye on who visited my blog and made sure I took more peeks at theirs. I’ll be working on that a bit more this week as well.

My views reached 302 this week, only 48 off of my goal…which, spread out over 7 days really isn’t that much! I’m still working on it, and we’ll see what happens!!

Note: I’ll be taking a break from Wedding Wednesday this week as there’s huge stuff happening at work (after hours stuff) and won’t be able to concentrate on it! But next week will be a gooder, I promise!

More creative posts to come!…

Farmers Market #2

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Well, the trip to the Farmers Market this week was quite different than the last weekend…actually, it was the complete opposite. If It hadn’t been for my husbands Grandma coming around, I wouldn’t have sold a single thing! After all my preparation and getting up super early on Saturday, it was really dissapointing. It would have been even worse if I had been the only one that wasnt’ getting much response from buyers, but all the other stalls were saying it was a slow day for them as well.

I’ll be going back next weekend since several people mentioned they thought it would be a good week for sales. The Market will be having more live entertainment and refreshments since it will be BC’s 150th Birthday. It’s supposed to be a huge event so hopefully that will lead to more customers.

I was also talking to one of the other girls there and she mentioned a few craft fairs coming up that were known for being huge successes. I’ll be going to several of those this winter, I can’t wait! I’ve never been to a craft fair as a vendor before and I’m really excited to be involved a bit more!

Over all, the Farmers Market this week was a learning experience. I tried to stay positive, after all, it’s only my second one! And I will be going back, I realize it isn’t a reflection on my work…but it’s still a bit hard not to be discouraged.


My New Fave

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I know this is a bit off the “creativity” theme, but I just wanted to share it (: I’ve been missing Friends ever since it ended and haven’t been able to find a good show to replace it. I think I’ve found it! Now…to get cable…

Hot Saturday!

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How cool is this shop?? Wall decals are the “new thing”! You can get funky sayings, have “decal pets” or build on the atmosphere of the room. Take this chandelier for instance, where else can you buy a chandelier for $30.00? And! It can be any color you want. Awesome hey?

Wall decal’ing is the perfect way to funk up any room in your house, or…your brick and mortar shop! (check out this cute little coffee cup!). And the decals don’t take up and floor space!




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There’s a thing I have with lists. I write tons of them! I just love lists! Writing down my goals for the day, either in my personal life or at work, really helps me accomplish the things I was wanting to do. It feels great to cross things off and move onto the next project.



Todays list is for the Farmers Market (tomorrow!!). I have a ton of finishing up things to do this evening…sometimes I hate working a full time job as well as my crafting! As much as I really love my job, I wish I could just do crafting full time!

The two biggest things on my list to do is printing out business cards and sewing another Kj Bag. I finished two last night but I’d like another one done for tomorrow. I’ve decided not to worry too much about the Zippies, they just take a few minutes to do so they’re perfect for last minute stuff.

My hubby finally brought home a printer (he’s a computer tech, you’d think we’d have everything we needed in the computer department!) so I can print my cards off at home instead of going down to his office. This’ll save a bunch of time! I can’t wait until after this FM though, then I’ll to be able to afford the business cards I’ve purchased from Apples And Chalk Dust. Yay (*:

I’m still working on that “BIG PROJECT” and I’m hoping to reveal it SOON!! Keep checking back to stay updated!!

Feature Friday: Kristria Designs

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Have you ever wanted something to just finished off an outfit? The jewelry that Kristria has in her Etsy store is perfect for this! Her items are simple, but still so attractive they’ll be catching the eye of your friends. With beautiful and subtle details, Kristria’s jewlery covers a wide range of tastes and styles.

One of my favorite things about Kristria’s store is her photography. The lighting is perfect and I just LOVE the backgrounds she uses!

Treat yourself to a completely unique and affordable item or buy one for your girlfriend (hint hint, guys!).