Goals: Week 3 & Link Love

In Uncategorized on July 1, 2008 at 4:57 am


Well, another week has passed and my goals need to be examined. My goal has been to reach 50 views a day here on the KJ Blog. I didn’t make my goal this past week (I received a total of 281 views) and I know it does have partly to do with my dedication to promoting myself; ambition was a bit lacking this past week. At the same time, there were days where I would promote my bum off and I still would only get 20 or so views! I know that summer is here, maybe bloggers (or non-bloggers) are enjoying the great outdoors instead of being glued to the computer screen (seriously, what kind of live do you have if you don’t check the net five times a day?? :).

In all, I learned that I can only do so much, the views will rise and fall no matter what I do! But I’ll of course keep plugging away and promoting.

Link Love!

I’ve added a couple of blogs to my blogroll! I love finding new blogs to become addicted to (: It’s great reading new creative entries, everyone has something else to write about, something awesomely creative and inspiring. When I find a blog I might be interested in adding to my BR I always browse through the blog to see how frequently they post. If they post once a day, or close to it, I add them to my blog roll. It`s got to be a dang good blog for me to add it to my blog otherwise.

Also, tomorrow is FINALLY the day that Damien will announce the winner of his Amazing Visions contest. I can`t wait to see who he picked as a winner and runner-ups!


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