Get a Makeover!

In etsy, seller, store on July 3, 2008 at 3:00 pm


I just LOVE watching those shows on TV where a frumpy mom, or young punk girl, gets a makeover. It’s so awesome to see the transformation and to see the women realize her full potential and beauty!

I can imagine that the change is pretty nerve wracking, but at the same time, it must feel like a weight has been lifted.

Sometimes, it’s not only our bodies that need a makeover, it’s our Etsy shops. They look good to us at first and then they start to get run down and worn out. Most of the time we don’t realize it because it looks ok to us, but viewers coming in can see it right away. Maybe the banner is a tad blurry, the pictures aren’t lit quite right, the descriptions are lacking…there’s tons of things that can always use a pick me up.

Here’s a few things I try to constantly work on:

  • Changing my pictures. I like to make sure they’re all still attractive (I know some of them need work right now actually!), colorful, bright and are clickable. It’s a great idea to make sure the viewers can see the size of the item by the pictures too, whether that’s comparing them to a ruler in the picture or by displaying the item being used (a picture of a bracelet on a wrist, a hand holding the clutch, or the shoulder bag on someone). You can also do this by not making it obvious too, by placing a familiar item in the picture such as a pencil, a cell phone, a book etc.
  • Change the description. I just love it when I go into an Etsy store and their descriptions actually make you want to read the whole thing. I like to make sure my descriptions are fun, create a picture in the readers mind, and give them the information they need to know. Since changing this info doesn’t cost anything and it might bring a sale, I like to change the wording up every now and then.
  • Changing the banner. I’m seriously addicted to banners. They’re so cheap and you can get custom made or really great pre-made ones! I really think that banners create the feel for your store. They’re the first thing that the viewers see when they click on your shop. If you’re making your own (fun too!) make sure the banner suites your style and is crisp and clear. Blurry images leave the viewer thinking that the store isn’t as professional as it could be.

Here’s some great tips on how to maxamize your shop views!

Re-working your store can take a lot of time, make a goal you think you can acheive and stick with it! Maybe you only have 15 minutes a day you want to spend doing this, or maybe you’d rather re-make two items in your store a day. Either way, it helps to make a goal.

Taking a browse through other stores for ideas on your descriptions and make sure to have fun!!

  1. Hi there Katelyn…I love those shows too. Great advice for us Etsy sellers. I was just thinking that my shop looked a little tired. Maybe because I am sick of the same cards in my shop for so long! Maybe I need a new banner…who knows. All I know that I will probably wait until the kids are back in school before I make the major changes! Great post!

  2. hi. You left a message on my blog. Yes, those are yellow cards! 🙂 Definitely let me know if you’d like to order anything!

    Shannon 🙂


  3. Thanks Twiddle (: Sometimes it’s the smallest change that makes a difference.

    Thanks for visiting Shannon (: I’ll look for that message!

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  5. great reminders katelynn, I think i’m in need of an update!

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