A Serious Addiction

In etsy, store on July 9, 2008 at 3:00 pm


I found a new favorite shop on Etsy and have ordered new fabric from her. They’re SO CUTE! The pink japanese linen fabric is from Milco Tiger Favorite. Even though she’s located in Japan, the shipping was super fast…I got the package within the next week!

The other fabric I found from a store on Ebay, I just couldn’t say no!

I have this serious attraction to colorful and bright fabrics lately! I’m hoping this is a good thing. I used to be attracted to fall colors, probably because these colors are what I normally wear.

I’ll be posting more pictures of my projects with these fabrics and others! I’ll be working my buns off this week since I’m planning on going to the Farmers Market! SO EXCITED!

  1. I like that fabric too!

  2. i’m not too much into cute fabrics, but i love the one on the right!
    it’s not a bad addiction though, i wish i had only this one ;o))

  3. Really nice fabrics..can’t wait to see what you will do with them.

  4. Beautiful fabrics! Can’t wait to see what you’ll create.


  5. Thank you very much for your nice information.

    Sunbrella Fabric

  6. I dig that bold fabric! And those lanterns are way cool

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