Feature Friday!

In Uncategorized on July 11, 2008 at 5:00 pm

I decided to do a Feature Friday on a couple different store this week. The first store is Mokokokat, an uber (there’s that ‘new’ word again!) cool shop with cute little characters to be attached to key chains, zippers and anything else you fancy! Each character has it’s own personality and story, so make sure you check out Mokokokat’s store to have a smile over her descriptions (:  







The second seller I’m featuring today is Numpty; an awesome shop filled with tiny nick-nacks, super colorful cufflinks, pastel hair barrets and other funky items. Really, the pictures say it all!




  1. These items are so cute! Love the little popsycle barret.

  2. ahh! I LOVE mokokokat!!

  3. @ Marilyn: wouldn’t it look cute with a pink skirt and blue top…while your laying on a quilt reading in the sun…ok yeah, as you can tell that item really reminds me of summer!
    @ Tasha: Aren’t the characters CUTE? I love them too!

  4. wow, super cute items! i love the popsicles.

  5. They’re my favorite too (:

  6. Just hopped over from etsy to take a look. Nice blog!

  7. These are all so much fun.

  8. Thanks Artsy and Momo!

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