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There’s a thing I have with lists. I write tons of them! I just love lists! Writing down my goals for the day, either in my personal life or at work, really helps me accomplish the things I was wanting to do. It feels great to cross things off and move onto the next project.



Todays list is for the Farmers Market (tomorrow!!). I have a ton of finishing up things to do this evening…sometimes I hate working a full time job as well as my crafting! As much as I really love my job, I wish I could just do crafting full time!

The two biggest things on my list to do is printing out business cards and sewing another Kj Bag. I finished two last night but I’d like another one done for tomorrow. I’ve decided not to worry too much about the Zippies, they just take a few minutes to do so they’re perfect for last minute stuff.

My hubby finally brought home a printer (he’s a computer tech, you’d think we’d have everything we needed in the computer department!) so I can print my cards off at home instead of going down to his office. This’ll save a bunch of time! I can’t wait until after this FM though, then I’ll to be able to afford the business cards I’ve purchased from Apples And Chalk Dust. Yay (*:

I’m still working on that “BIG PROJECT” and I’m hoping to reveal it SOON!! Keep checking back to stay updated!!

  1. i’m a big time list maker too. that’s one of the reasons i started making notebooks!

  2. I used note books esspecially for my wedding…I filled up a journal with all my ideas and brainstorming, lists of places I needed to go…note books are awesome!

  3. List maker here too! I carry one in my purse to jot down things I don’t want to forget or ideas I have when I’m away from home. I know lots of people who don’t bother but keeping lists works well for me.

  4. If I don’t make a list, I usually don’t accomplish as much or I forget half the stuff I was trying to remember (:

  5. I have lists, but they’re all in my head! When i have a lot of stuff to do, i just keep going over them in my brain. It would probably be best at times like that to actually write everything down.

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