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The Beauty of Flickr

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Originally uploaded by Chrissie White

I love Flickr. I don’t upload near enough pictures on my account, but I love browsing through my contacts photos and being inspired by their creativity.

There’s so many different artists on flickr, some just casual, uploading pictures for family and friends to see; others more serious, honing their techniques and showing off their amazing tallent. Chrissy White is one of these great artists.

Chrissy is only 15….seriously…wow! This girls’ got tallent! Imagine where she’ll be in a couple years!


Feature Friday – Capree

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I love it when you look through a portfolio of art and see that the artist is really flexible with their style. They capture different looks and emotions with ease, making their art slip casually into that particular attitude.

Capree, a super talented Etsy artist, is exactly this. All the above pictures are her’s, they all have a completely different feel to them but you’re still convinced that each one is her style. Love it!! I especially love the first group of pictures…I think my fave would have to be “Wrath” (the girl with the gun).

Check out Capree’s blog, website and of course her Etsy shop and LUST over her pictures.

Support A Blogger in Need

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One of my blogging friends, Stace at Kids Stuff World, emailed me the other day, asking if I would help support another blogger who was just in a horrible plane crash. Stacy wanted to know if I’d be willing for my Lotus Bag to go up in a auction where all the proceeds go to Nie Nie, the blogger in need. Of COURSE I was willing!

Head on over to Stacy’s great blog to bid on the bag or other items up for grabs! AUCTION HERE!


Blogging on a Postcard

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This post is a guestblog Damien Riley from Postcards From the Funny Farm. Thanks Damien!

A blog can be a great way to network with other people.  It can also be a way to build an audience.  Both these blog traits can work to make you money if you are diligent.  If you are here at Katelyn’s blog I am sure you have some interest in the blogging life.  If not, this post might not apply to you.  Either way, I hope you’ll read along as I explain adding value to your blog experience.  Knowing how to tweak images in your theme as well as in your posts will make more valuable posts ergot a more valuable blog.

Putting pictures in your posts. Pictures are simply stored bits of information that are “decoded” by a browser for your readers.  If you see them as files and bits of code you may be able to understand how to wield them better in your posts.  While Blogger, WordPress, and most blogging platforms out there have instant insert options, these will sometimes malfunction so it pays to know the raw code of html image placement.  Below is the code for this small coffee cup image:
<img src=”http://damienriley.com/images/cafe.gif” alt=”” />
<img src=”http://damienriley.com/images/imgcode.png” alt=”” />
Excellent html image insertion and tweaking help can be found at this site.

Putting images in your theme. I love changing out images in themes.  You can make a theme look totally different and it doesn’t require much skill or background knowledge.  Basically, you just right click on any image in your theme.  Once you know the filename, save or ftp out the image(s) and either replace them with the same sized one you want or edit the one that is there.  In either case, save them and ftp them back into the images folder of your theme.  I recently wrote an advanced tutorial on how to make a descending sidebar picture continued from the header in the WordPress default theme. It’s actually a useless project, but I learned a ton.  Check it out.

Images can be frustrating.  They pixelate if the height and width are wrong and do other annoying stuff.  Don’t let these things get you down.  If you have to, bypass the native image insertion of your blogging software and use raw html like the basic starts above.  Also, have fun tweaking themes.  It shows your reader you value your blog when you tweak it a little (or a lot as the case MAY be).  I hope this helped someone out there starting.  Blogging is great.

Wedding Wednesday!

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I think that my favorite part of weddings is the invitations…Well actually, I love the whole event, but the invitations are so awesome (: There’s so many ways to have your invitations personalized, it’s not even funny, but if you’re wanting something really different you can always look on Etsy.

I personally LOVE this shop, Inky Livie. It’s so completely different than anything else I’ve seen. You really can’t find these kind of invitations in the everyday shop. And, I figure, by using these invitations you’re going to have more guests too…who wouldn’t want to see what the wedding looks like if these are just the invitations?!

You’ve just got to visit their shop to see the other styles…they’re amazing. Really.


Ps: I just noticed the above invitation is for Meredith and Derek…off of Grey’s Anatomy perhaps?…I’m such a nerd.

Some News

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Wedding Wednesday is coming, I promise!!

But I just had to share some news: Yesterday was awesome for me. First:I went to a jewelery party. Not really my thing, too much bling…but I wanted to visit and the girl that hosted it asked me to bring a couple bags so she could see what I made. Turns out, without even trying, I made a sale (: Yay! Second:I bought a new sewing machine!! I’ve been saving my money and found this great heavy duty machine on ebay. It sews through leather and denim no prob…I can’t wait to use it! I’m planning on doing a few leather bags, see how it goes anyways (: SUPER excited!!


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Don’t you just LOVE this necklace?? I ordered it from Jeweled Blossoms shopfor my sisters birthday and it’s just as beautiful in real life as it is in the pictures…more maybe! Sally, my sister, isn’t really a jewelry kinda girl but I took a chance on this one because I new it was simple enough that it’d suite her but also, if she didn’t like it, I figured I would keep it (: Turns out, Sall just ADORES it and is wearing it all the time! (Too bad for me).

It came in a beautiful little purple box with a super awesome thank you note…I’m going to have to ask the seller where she get’s her thank you notes because it was SO cute.

I highly recommend buying from this shop, I was super impressed!

I want this one (:


Click Then Dance

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I’ve been interviewed!! (: Check out Moxies’ blog to see her questions and then do the happy dance (:


New Bags!

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Well, as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been working on a new type of bag. I haven’t come up with a name for this one yet…

I just love this style though! My other bags seem to target women that are my mom’s age (honestly, this surprised me, but that’s who seems to be buying them the most!) I’m hoping that these new bags will attract the younger girls, teens etc. I love the shape, durability and straps on this bag. The straps are shorter, but still long enough to slip over your head to wear in a messenger style.

I’ve put zippered pockets on the interior of these bags and I’m planning on putting big huge zippered pockets on the outside.

I’m also planning on putting adjustable thingys on the straps too (: I’m working on another style of bag which I’ll be featuring soon too!!


Feature Friday – Jengs Shop

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People are always saying that you should comment on other blogs…not only to be nice, but to also get your name out there a bit more. I just comment because I like to, and sure, it’s nice if I get a view and comment back, but it’s not really why I do it.

Here’s another reason why commenting on blogs is great: It might get you a Feature Friday in one!

I found Jengs Shopwhen I was browsing through Make It, one of my fave blogs. She had left a comment and for some reason or other, it intrigued me to look further. I clicked on the name and it brought their Etsy shop. And voila! Now they’re being featured in my Blog!!

Jengs Shop is filled with great art work, to frame, use as note books, gift cards…there’s also beautiful photography.  It’s the perfect affordable stop for unique gift items or something to frame.