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Another week has passed and life on the KJ Blog seems to be getting better!! Within the past week I featured blog entries on money managing techniquesfrom successful Etsy artists, as well as Blogging Techniques with opinions and comments from successful bloggers.

There’s a trend I’ve noticed: When I post entries on “How-To”, the views always shoot way up. I love reading them on other blogs, “how-to promote”, “how-to sell”…so I figured I would do more of that on my blog. Guess what, it up’ed my views with minimal promotions. A really cool thing to see!!

My views for this past week got up to 399 without me really trying that hard!

Goal for Blog:

  • To have more “how-to” entries!

Ps: That lady is coming to the house tonight to look at my new bags…which reminds me I have yet to show you my newest rendition of the KJ Bag!!…hopefully I’ll make a sale or two! Cross your fingers (:

  1. oooh! good luck with the bag party! i hope you get a sale! 🙂

  2. Thanks (: I hope so too!!

  3. Congrats on the features! Great goal 🙂

  4. All the best with the bag sales! Sounds fun too 🙂

  5. @ Vanessa: Thanks! I hope it brings more views but also helps people learn different techniques!
    @Tracy: Thank you (: It was SO fun, I’ll be writing an entry on their visit.

  6. Hey KJ,

    Love your new posts but tonight’s comment is actually work related. I have a business proposition for you concerning your fantastic lotus bag. Please contact me as soon as you get this at kidsstuffworld@gmail.com time is of the essence. Sorry so cryptic I think you’ll enjoy this one though.


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