Feature Friday – Capree

In etsy on August 29, 2008 at 3:46 pm

I love it when you look through a portfolio of art and see that the artist is really flexible with their style. They capture different looks and emotions with ease, making their art slip casually into that particular attitude.

Capree, a super talented Etsy artist, is exactly this. All the above pictures are her’s, they all have a completely different feel to them but you’re still convinced that each one is her style. Love it!! I especially love the first group of pictures…I think my fave would have to be “Wrath” (the girl with the gun).

Check out Capree’s blog, website and of course her Etsy shop and LUST over her pictures.

  1. Oh I love her work!!! It’s so funny because I would have thought that the first set (of the girls) was done by a different artist than the other two; but after looking closer can see her “style” is consistent throughout…Just fabulous how she can portray this in her pieces that are so different!

  2. I know, I was so amazed!! Capree’s work is different and all so great (:

  3. Very interesting pictures! They seem to be a cross between performance art and visual art.

  4. I LOVE the top four. They are great.

  5. Katelyn! Thank you for a fantastic feature! I really appreciate all the kind words and support! 😀

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