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Drum roll please!!

Sygnet Creations!! Congrats on winning the headband from The Orange Plum!


Bonus Day!

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I’m giving a bonus day on the Giveaway!! Make sure you enter (:

Bag Party!

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Well, last night my two guests arrived right on time (a huge feat for our little town). Unfortunately, I did something to my back so I was hunched over the whole evening, but they didn’t seem to mind at all as they oooh and aaaahhh over my bags. They just couldn’t get enough of them!

They each ended up buying a big KJ Bag and one of the ladies bought a Zippy too. It amazes me that I made $102.00 in less than 20 minutes!! But the best part for me is that they just loved my bags. It still blows me away that people adore something I made that much! I gave them a few business cards and they said they’ll be bragging about my bags to all their friends.

I told them to let me know if they ever wanted to have a little party with their girlfriends. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a regular home party with my bags? I’d just love it! To me, it’d be so much better than going to the Farmers Market. With a home party people come expecting to see one thing, instead of going to buy fresh veggies and then happening to look at my bags. It just seems like it’d be much easier to make a sale.

Yay for Etsy!!



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Another week has passed and life on the KJ Blog seems to be getting better!! Within the past week I featured blog entries on money managing techniquesfrom successful Etsy artists, as well as Blogging Techniques with opinions and comments from successful bloggers.

There’s a trend I’ve noticed: When I post entries on “How-To”, the views always shoot way up. I love reading them on other blogs, “how-to promote”, “how-to sell”…so I figured I would do more of that on my blog. Guess what, it up’ed my views with minimal promotions. A really cool thing to see!!

My views for this past week got up to 399 without me really trying that hard!

Goal for Blog:

  • To have more “how-to” entries!

Ps: That lady is coming to the house tonight to look at my new bags…which reminds me I have yet to show you my newest rendition of the KJ Bag!!…hopefully I’ll make a sale or two! Cross your fingers (:

Wedding Wednesday: Dreaming

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I was thinking the other day about what I would do if I was to get married again…to the same guy of course, just another wedding (I’ve been threatening this and I’m actually serious! :). There’s so many options out there! I’d love to go with pale yellows and a sharp green, or a nautical blue with red accents…or with my choice below.



These flowers are from DK Designson Etsy. They’re totally up for doing custom designs, so I’d ask for this vase of flowers to be made into a bouquet. (I love dreaming!)


There’s so many options when it comes to wedding dresses, a huge assortment of dresses, colors and styles! I can’t decide if I’d like to go funky (I saw this poofy dress once that was calf length and had different colors of mesh under the top layer…SO cool!!) or classical. I like both styles…this dress is from Joan Shum Brides. I really really love it!!


Bonziemade this shawl and it’s TO DIE FOR!! I just love Bonzie’s whole shop!


I couldn’t find quite what I was looking for in a bridesmaid dress so I googled my preferences and this is what I came up with…I love the style…maybe I’d have to order an extra dress just for me (:

Blogging Techniques 3

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This blogging techniques entry is from Damien, from Post Cards from the Funny Farm, a mentor of mine in the blogging department. Damien was the blogger that encouraged me to look into getting my own domain and has mentored me through that process.

Here’s the question I sent Damien: How did you start blogging and what promotions etc. have you done to get to where you are now?

A: My first “touch” of a blog was through Blogger (also referred to as “blogspot” and now owned by Google).  I started a blog but had no idea what all the bells and whistles around me did.  I knew how to write though so I kept an online diary sending the link to family after I saw movies, went to events etc.  I started doing that in 1997.  After that I started a FORUM, which is kind of like a blog.  I used to chat on a local forum and the moderators got really Draconian so I decided to start my own (sorry for the long boring answer, I am almost finished).  In the time I was on the forum I learned a ton of html a little at a time: ie; How to make a signature photo appear etc.  This would later prove very important for me in blogging.

The beginning of blogging for me was in December of 2006 when I started Postcards from the Funny Farm.  I could say a lot more that would probably help people starting but maybe you could interview me sometime 😉   The promotions I have done to become an established and lucrative blogger are legion, but if I had to whittle it down to the I feel would most help a beginning blogger, I would say these (if you’re serious):

Okay, better stop now — doing all that will take you weeks.  Come over to my online diary if you have any more questions.


Thanks Damien!

I hope everyone got something out of this Blogging Techniques series! Thanks to all the bloggers that gave their opinion and advice!


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Supa Yana is the Etsy Feature Artisttoday…I “met” her via myspace way back when and have admired her work ever since. Actually, I guess you could say she was the artist that inspired me to pursue my love for sewing…I started off trying to make tops but when that didn’t go over so well, I started on my bags. I saw how she sold online and it really encouraged me to go after that resource.

Read it!

Blogging Techniques 2

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For a while now I’ve been reading a blog called Make It. Shannon, the author, writes several times a week on her business ideas, plans for the future, and different projects she has been working on. It’s fun to see her different strategies and to see her progress in her stationary business!

Here’s the question I posed to Shannon: How do you build your brand in blogging?
A: Establish a personal style. By this I mean a visual style for your blog (custom banner image, consistent photo size, etc.) and a personal point of view. The amazing thing about blogs is that they can be about whatever you want and it’s your personal space to do with it whatever you want. But I do recommend having a common thread running through most of your posts. So decide what you want your blog to be about and have that be the focus of most of your posts.

It’s really important to be consistent and regular with posting. The more the better, but I’d say 3 – 4 times a week is a good goal to shoot for. The more you write, the more readers will check in and as a result your audience will grow.

Photography is so important for blogs. I read several photo-only blogs, but I don’t read any text-only blogs. We’re not all professional photographers, but do your best to post the best photos you can. (If you’re pulling images from other sources online, make sure to give credit to the source.) If you do develop a signature photographic style (or a signature way of laying out photos gleaned from the web, i.e. in a photo collage) that’s another strong way to establish a blog identity.

Mostly, a blog is about expressing your opinions and interest with a group of like minded readers. Once you set up your own blog, you will naturally find yourself leaving comments on other blogs and getting the word out about your own. Blog readers and writers are extremely savvy and really respond to when people are genuine. So go ahead and express yourself, play nice with others, and your blog will grow in the most natural way, because it will be an extension of you.


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So the other day I logged onto Etsy to find I had a convo (message) from a new Etsy buyer. The title of it was “Missed you at the farmers market”….one of my buyers at the FM in town had contacted me (used my business card, YAY!) and was wondering if she could meet up with me and view some of my bags. Um YEAH! She called me today and she’ll be coming to my house (most likely with her sister) this coming Wednesday to view the new bags I’ve been making. Kinda like a home party, how cool is THAT?!

The reason she wants a bag is because she’ll be going to The Fringe in Edmonton. I’ve never heard of it but she went on to say that my bags would totally suite the style of this arts festival and that because her daughter works at The Fringe she’ll get some information about becoming a seller. Freaking awesome!! Goal for next summer: Attending The Fringe!


The Colors of Summer

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