New Design

In etsy on September 1, 2008 at 12:06 am

I’ve been thinking about this design for a while now and finally had the time to sew up my first bag! I just LOVE how it turned out! I have a thing for nautical stuff, and this is just so perfect. I’m not sure if I will be selling this exact bag, but I’ll be making more along this line (not only nautical, but other looks too!) and selling them in my Etsy shop and at the Farmers Market!




Ps: Note the grommets?? I used my grommet machine on this one and LOVE it!

  1. Love this tote, blue is my favorite color and you have showed it well!

  2. Oh wow I love the Bag!

  3. Thanks (: Glad you like it!!

  4. This is great! I’m more of a muted hues gal, so if you do this design in taupe, sage or orange…I’d be game.

  5. hehe well done:) I love the nautical colour combo!

  6. @ T. Allen: Thanks for that suggestion! I’m trying another bag today (more bright colors) and then I’ll for sure try out those colors!! Glad you like it!!
    @ Marie: Thanks (: I just love the combo too!!

  7. That bag could SO be a Polo ad! Great design!

  8. That’d be awesome (: Thanks!

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