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In etsy on September 3, 2008 at 10:03 pm




Here’s another new bag I was working on last night (: My hubby likes this one better than the nautical bags I made in this style. I really like the handle on this bag, it’s super comfy and fits really well under your shoulder.

I’m going to have to take more pictures with the white background, I really like it!

  1. I love your fabric! The bold floral is great and the colors are perfect for fall!

  2. Thanks Katie (: And what a great name! (:

    Thanks Carrie! I really love the floral too!

  3. I love the pattern! Gray with navy blue and a dash of gold-I would totally love a room, outfit or bag in those colors!

  4. Rachel…looks like you’re in luck! This bag is just those colors 😀

    Thanks Liberty (: You’re awesome!

  5. Great bag! Love the colors too! Congrats on your huge amount of views here! 😉

  6. Thanks Twiddle! (: I love it when you visit me here!

  7. beautiful material! lovely work its so classy and pretty! 🙂

  8. Thanks Jenny and Bunny! I’m glad you like it!!

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