New Items!!

In Uncategorized on September 5, 2008 at 4:31 pm

I was busy updating my Etsy shop last night…The only bummer was that somehow I deleted one of my items this morning…Dang it! I clicked on it to edit it and then decided it was fine. I guess by not pressing the FINISH button I made it pop out of the shop. Oh well, I’ll just add it again this evening.

Lemon Shoulder Bag, Little Red Sailor Bag, and Plum Flowers (which already has 53 views!) are all up for sale in the shop! I’ll be adding the grey floral bag this afternoon as well as the Little Yellow Sailor Bag. And hopefully sewing another one tonight (:

We were planning on going camping this weekend but since the hubby’s quad is out of commission, we’ll probably stay home…and go to the Farmers Market (: I’m excited to go again since I haven’t been in a few weeks, but the thought of waking up so early doesn’t crank my tractor. I’ll get over it though 😀


NOTE: Thanks to Tany, the bag I thought I’d lost off of Etsy is now found (was blind but now I see…) and it’s up! Thanks Tany girl!

  1. Those are beautiful bags! You’ve been working hard. Congratulations!

  2. I love that Lemon bag…I also have a ‘bummer’ over at my place. Come see!

  3. Thanks CAT (: It’s been tiring making a bag a night, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love every minute of it!

    I’ll be right over Liberty, I haven’t visited you in a little while!

  4. […] this shop a plug today because i have been reading her blog incessantly.  Check it out here: katelynjane’s blog.  she truly wants to be a successful business woman, and who can blame her for that?  in my […]

  5. hey check your inactive listings for that item that disappeared. You don’t have to relist!

  6. Tany, you just saved me! (: Thanks for that tip, I didn’t even think to look there!

  7. oh someone beat me to it… I was gonna say saver yourself some work cause I bet it is in your inactive listings, glad you found it

  8. Thanks anyways Emmy! I’m glad you guys mentioned that little trick…might save me some time in the future (:

  9. Hi! Glad you got the cards. Just visited your blog to say hello and thanks again for your order. I hope you love the cards! Also, check the inactive listings for your item that went missing! That’s where I normally find my MIA items.

  10. Thanks girl! I love them, pictures will be up on the blog soon (:

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