Mug Shots

In crafts, etsy on September 19, 2008 at 3:00 pm

I got the camera working! Well, sort of (: I have to turn it off after every picture, then back on again for the next shot. Not great, but at least I can take pictures…kinda.            


The flowers on this mug are the ones I sketched for the last Gocco cards I made. I tried them again on this mug and a few friends have suggested I make a series around these images.


The picture above and the picture below are both the same mug. It reads “you look amazing today” and has a tea bag drawn into the mug with the tab “hanging” outside. Sometimes a girl just needs a cup of tea and a reminder that she looks great!


I made another one for my sister that says “Love is the best pick-me-up, but coffee with do for now”. It suites her perfectly (:

I’m planning on making quite a few more of these mugs and selling them at the craft fair this November. I need to find a hanger to display them on…Salvation Army should have a good one. I’ll paint it a funky color, red or orange, I’m thinking. I still need to look for a hanger for the bags, maybe I should go to the Army this afternoon.

While I’m thinking of this: What is everyone thinking about the new theme (the background) here on the KJ Blog? I like it, although there’s a couple things I need to work on (the blogroll has disappeared!) but I’d like to know what my readers are thinking! Let me know!

  1. I love this mug! SO MUCH! I drink a lot of tea and I just think this is so cute!

  2. Thanks! I drink a lot of tea too…it’s in my British blood!…so it’s one of my faves as well (: I’m planning on selling them on Etsy, so keep checking back!

  3. LOVE this mug! You must sell them on Etsy too!!!

    Well, I actually like seeing a blogroll because if I like your blog then I will most likely like your favorite blogs as well. So, I usually click away and explore. Other than that..I really like your blog the way it is. Hmmmnn…I don’t have any suggestions I can think of. Sorry..haha. 🙂

  4. Oh…I just saw your comment that you are indeed selling the mugs on Etsy! YEAH!!

  5. I love the “you look amazing” one!!!

  6. i love the one with the teabag inside…..these are really unique!

  7. Thanks girls! Glad to see everyone loves them (: I’m putting some up on etsy soon, so keep peeking in to my store! Your comments are so encouraging 😀

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