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Feature Friday – Amazonika

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I refuse to let winter get me down! I’m going to surround myself with color; flowers on the table, colorful clothes, colorful decorations. Amazonika is a great way to keep color in your life through the dreary winter months.

Amazonikahas prices that are too affordable to pass up, and products that will make you smile. Check out their beautiful shop on Etsy and stock up on great stocking-stuffers or a nice piece of jewelry for the Christmas party.


Paper and Thread

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I’m in love with this Etsy store, Of Paper and Thread. The fabric in Danielle’s shop is all her own design (so awesome!) and I’m really loving the colors and prints. I also read Danielle’s blog and love all her entries, all about the her creative process and things she loves!

I Went Window Shopping

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Wouldnt’ this shrug look great with a pink bridesmaid dress? Trendy Knitting


Tiana Nova Crochet makes these awesome earrings.

Whenever I see these flowers I drool. There`s something so beautiful and simple about them…

Gift From a Sparrow

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A few Friday’s ago I featured Little Sparrows Nest, a super adorable Etsy shop filled with great photos. The owner of Little Sparrow was so pleased that I featured her, she sent me a free item! SO cool! I received it last week and I’m really impressed with the quality and the look of the item, it’s such a beautiful little piece of art. Once we start painting our bedroom the photo (which is mounted on a wooden block) will go up beside one of the bed side tables. I’m planning on purchasing this photo soon to go above the other table. It’s amazing how the colors match the paint I’ve picked out!

Thanks SO much Little Sparrow (:

My Life

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I’ve been thinking lately that I’ve been neglecting my blog. My time is running thin these days! Let me tell you what it’s been filled up with!

The other day a girl came into work, she rents a room from us several times a month for her business. She hands me the catalog and says “Have you ever heard of Arbonne?”. Apparently this is what she sells…yes, I have heard of it, I tell her, but to be honest, it’s way to expensive for me. She goes on to tell me that I could save 35% on all their products if I sign up as a consultant. My eyebrows raise. Hmm. “But what is a consultant required to do?”. Nothing. An Arbonne consultant isn’t required to sell a certian amount of product, buy a cerian amount of product, hold any parties…they aren’t required to do anything! Now I’m interested.

On my trip down to Vernon last weekend I listened to an MP3 player with Arbonne information. Arbonne consultants telling their story, how to run an Arbonne business, what the products are made of…really everything about the company. I took the MP3 player from Jannah (the girl who told me about the company) thinking “I’m sure Arbonne is do-able…I’m just not sure if I can do it”. By the time I had finished the trip to and from Vernon, I had listened to 22 hours worth of Arbonne information (no joke!) and was completely convinced it was a company I wanted to work with.

I’m not trying to sell my readers on this company or it’s items, I’m just so excited about Arbonne I just had to share it with you!

I won’t be quitting with the job at the radio/entrepreneur centre as of yet, but I plan to make Arbonne my full time job within the next year. I know it’s going to take some work, but I am so pumped about it I know it’s going to work!

If you have any questions about Arbonne, it’s products, the job oppertunities (being your own boss!!) I would love to answer them for you! And I’ll of course be writing more about my experiences as they days go on.

Ps: Lookit my puppy! They’re getting so big!

Party On!

In etsy on October 25, 2008 at 12:37 am

Christmas is always a great excuse to buy a new dress. I know I need to! This dress from ArmoursansAnguish, on Etsy of course, is perfect for the holiday season. It’s shimmery and has great detailing. It’s PERFECT!

Looking for GB’s

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I’m living life on the wild side today…eating Rockets before 12. Halloween is coming, it’s an awful time. There’s too much candy around and somehow it gets into my mouth.

I’d love to do more Guest Blogging Posts! If you’re wanting a change on your blog, a post about something specific or something around a general theme, please email me: katelynjane.etsy@hotmail.com. I’d love to work with you to write something that works with your blog’s theme! You can also contact me through my Etsy shop.

Through Hoops

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Check out these awesome hoop earrings from Excamation Point (!). Their stuff is really freaking cool…and Christmas is coming up fast, they might have something you’ll need!

Hearty Har Har

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I’ve received just over 300 hearts!! Within the past few weeks I’ve been getting a couple new hearts a day which is super awesome, hopefully it will continue. I know it’s had a lot to do with me adding more items and renewing older ones, it shows that you CAN make yourself more visible on Etsy.

Feature Friday – Heart of Ireland

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Imagine yourself sitting on the porch, the morning is crisp and you’re wrapped in your favorite afghan blanket. Your hands are holding a steamy cup of tea and just off in the distance, just past the porch railings, is the sounds of the day waking.

That great cup for tea is made from hand thrown stonewear and comes from the store Heart of Ireland on Etsy. It’s thick and well built and has a look to it that makes everyone ask where you got it.

That’s what Etsy is all about. Finding different and stunning items that make people stop and stare. It’s amazing what talent is on Etsy! Check out the Heart of Ireland shop and keep the romantic in you alive!