7 Things

In Uncategorized on October 1, 2008 at 8:00 pm

I’ve been tagged by Miss Megan! I have to write seven random things about myself and then tag seven more people. Turns out SEVEN is my favorite number (I really have no idea why, it just has been since I was a kid…) and Megan is awesome, so I’m taking up this challenge. It’s hard you know, thinking of seven things.

  1. I switched my favorite hockey team from Calgary Flames to the Vancouver Canucks for my hubby. He loves the Canucks and we can’t (won’t) watch and be faithful to two teams, so I switched. It was a hard decision. But at the time, the Canucks had Bertuzzi, so I wasn’t too upset 😀
  2. My homemade apple pies are world famous. Ok, maybe Province Famous (: I make awesome apple pies.
  3. My dog’s pregnant! We were hoping to breed her with another purebred German Shepherd, but my parents Rough Collie (Lassie Collie) got to her first. Apparently the web site that told us dogs are only fertile for the first three days of their cycle is totally out to lunch. I love puppies!
  4. Crap, I’m only on 4 and this is getting harder. Ok….I’m in the middle of writing a novel. I’ve been writing it for four years now (ashamed!) but I have an excuse for taking so long: I had “backed up” this novel (and another one I was working on at the time) on a memory stick and the memory stick broke. I lost all 60 pages of the novel and have had to start over from scratch. It’s a big job, but I think it’s better for it.
  5. My favorite book series is The Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. It’s amazing. I love Era novels and especially ones like this series that totally transport you in time. Love it!
  6. I have one weakness: Popcorn. I could eat it all day every day. When we rent a movie, I make popcorn and usually it turns out to be enough for one big salad bowl full and another smaller bowl. Hubby gets the small bowl, I chow on the big one. He doesn’t mind. He likes to watch his weight. I just work it off the next day at the gym.
  7. My birthday is coming up and I want a Sheltie (Shetland Sheepdog…like a lassie collie but mini) for it. I think I’d bawl my eyes out if I got one. I’ve wanted a Sheltie for SO long!

Now to tag:

  1. Capree
  2. Erin Zam
  3. Elephantine
  4. Sarah & Abraham
  5. Sally Jane Vintage
  6. The Smack Factor
  7. Twiddle Stix
  1. ooh, switching hockey teams, that is devotion!

  2. I know. I’m really amazing :b

  3. OK, so I know you tagged me and I apologize for not posting my own 7 Things just yet.. but when I do, it will be magical. I promise! 😀

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