In Uncategorized on October 1, 2008 at 10:26 pm

So this month has had it’s ups and downs.

In the middle of September, I made a goal to guest blog twice per month. I just about made that goal in September! Yay! I guest blogged at Twiddle Stix and Corner Lot Creations…although I was a bit slow in getting the post to Cherie at Corner Lot and it was posted today (October 1st). I’m still going to count the post as a September post though (because I’m the boss and I can :).

For my weekly goals, last week was a bit short. The Kj Blog received 267 views last week, a shortfall from my  goal of 350, but I’m so excited about doing the Guest posts that I’m not too concerned (:

I’m still looking for a couple more Guest Posts to do for October! If you’re interested, please email me @ katelynjane.etsy@hotmail.com or convo me through my Etsy Shop and we’ll talk!

  1. I think you did GREAT on your goals, especially with the numbers. It seems like the entire internet is a bit preoccupied right now, everyone seems to be down hit-wise. I’m off to double check that I saw your guest posts!

  2. I was noticing that too! Thanks for the encouragement!

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