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Like I said, I’ve been working with Henry Rabbit to developed ads for the Kj Blog and my Etsy shop. I really am so pleased with how they turned out!!

The top one is for the blog, and the bottom one is for the shop (: I’ll be advertising on other blogs soon to prepare for the Christmas season and of COURSE I’ll be using these great ads!

  1. They look fabulous. Great colors, and great collaboration!

  2. love them both!

  3. Thanks girls! I can’t wait to start using them on other sites!

  4. The ads look really good. I can’t believe Christmas is just round the corner.

  5. Those are awesome! I love how they change like that! I had one made for my Etsy shop too, but nothing too fancy.

  6. Those ads are really, really great! I love it.

  7. @ Ruby: Thanks! I know, Christmas is coming fast!!
    @ Twiddle: Have you posted your ad on your blog? I’ll have to check it out!
    @ Zunmar: Thank you (:

  8. KJ, These are really something … How do I get one for Kids Stuff World?

    BTW, do you want to post the Lotus bags on etsy or just have Erin & I send the funds to your paypal account?

    If you’ve got enough, I’ll take two that way I can advertise one for you when I post the ad 🙂 A KSW exclusive!!

    ~ Your friend, Stace

  9. Hi Stace!! I’ll sew the Lotus Bags as soon as I can, post them on Etsy and then let you know! Thanks so much for the offer to post an ad on KSW (: I’ll get on that asap!

    Thanks Stace 😀

  10. Awesome, I think I’ll make one of the bags a giveaway. I’m feeling generous!


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