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Christmas is almost here! Can you believe it?? I can’t. It came so fast…hopefully this year I can love every minute of it before it slips past us.

I have such a huge amount of family to buy for (7 siblings, mom, dad, inlaws and their children…which reminds me! Did I tell you I just became an aunty again?! My sister in law had her little Briea Lynae and she’s the most ADORABLE little newborn you’ve ever seen. I’m so proud!). Etsy as always is coming to the rescue! Last year I bought every single gift on Etsy, although hubby bought his boy gifts at Canadian Tire. It was a life saver not to have to leave the house or drive 2 hours to the city.

This year I have hubby’s mom and sister to buy for and while I was browsing through Etsy, these amazing post cards poped up. What a great stocking stuffer!! They’re colorful, which is what everyone needs in this dreary winter weather, and they’re just eye-catching!




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I’m on a roll! How many posts is this in a row? Yay for me!

SO last night was my first Arbonne Party by myself. My leader, Jannah, actually called before the event and said she wasn’t able to find a babysitter. I wasn’t too worried, by that time I had started to get confidant in the presentation process. I said I would be fine and Jannah stayed home with her little guy while I went to the party.

There were only three guests that showed up, and they were all my close friends, so the presentation wasn’t bad at all. Actually, I had a feeling since they were my friends, it might have been worse to try to present in front of the. With strangers, you can act. Friends know who you are what what you normally act like…But it was great! I told them at the beginning that I would be pretending they didn’t know me and I would be going ahead with the whole presentation. And I did. And it worked! I had my que-cards to follow and of course the catalog which is really like a magazine (full of info!).

And it was EASY!!

I read through my notes, added my own thoughts here and there and it went SO smoothly and I had a blast! The girls were all so attentive, although a couple of them had just been to Arbonne parties with other friends. And I was able to answer all of their questions, which was a big worry for me.


Today I met with a girl that is going to be doing the Arbonne Business and we went over her goals and the direction she wants to take with Arbonne. It was good!

Then Saturday I have another party which is going to be awesome. I’m really excited for it!

Self employment, anyone? An average of $140.00 a night, anyone?? Just ask me how!

Lights in the Dark

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We have four channels on our TV. We refuse to get cable or satellite because it wastes our time…as much as it would be awesome to sit back with nachos and watch a game of hockey…

Anyways, one of our four channels is MTV. A lame-o channel with teeny-boper shows and indie music that usually sucks. But because we have nothing else to watch, it’s the channel we normally watch. And I have found two of my new favorite bands by watching this channel, so it can’t be that bad I guess.

Lights is the girl that’s in the movie above. She’s young, tiny, and very talented.

The Trews is the other new band. Awesome.

Well, I sew’d a bag last night…probably the best bag I’ve ever made (: I made the exact same style for myself a month ago or so, but this next one turned out so much better. Finished perfectly and I’m extremely happy with it! I just need to ad the vinyl handles now and then I need to start on another one just like it. Both of the bags are for girls I work with…so there’ll be three identical bags at work, but that’s what they wanted!

I have another Arbonne party tonight! I’ll be doing this one all by myself, although my leader (or “upline”) will still be there. Ahhh! I’m a bit scared!! It’s great because Arbonne really encourages their consultants to read off of q-cards, which will really help. And Jannah, my up-line girl, has come to every party I’ve hosted to help out and teach me how to do the presentation.

I really don’t know why I’m so nervous. It’s going to be a party with lots of girls I know, and I really have no trouble speaking to people, but still…the first time is always nerve wracking I think (:

Wish me luck!


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Just looking through YouTube, of course (: And I searched one of my childhood friends, Georgia Murray. Isn’t she amazing? Enjoy!

I Heart Etsy

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Why? Because it’s awesome.

I got my second…actually, third! Wow I’m spoiled!…birthday gift my hubby bought for me and surprise surprise, it was from Etsy! Here’s a tip: If you would like something for Christmas from Etsy, heart it and then tell your family to look through your hearted items. Hubby looked through my hearted items and bought two of my FAVORITES from them.


The gift that came in the mail yesterday was a belt buckle from Foster Weld! The pink one at the bottom and it’s AWESOME!

Now I just need to buy the leatherto go with it (: Yay!


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It’s my birthday today, 25 and still kickin’. My hubby spoiled me by giving me money for a pair of boots, a necklace from Etsy (below) and another gift that will be coming in the mail in the next couple of days.


We made crepes this morning, stuffed with whipped cream and raspberry jam, and I relaxed with a cup of tea and my crepes and watched Grey’s Anatomy.

This afternoon I enjoyed tera-mesu hot chocolate with a big dollop of whipped cream in a new mug a friend had gotten me…and tonight my mom-in-law made us all a huge turkey dinner and birthday cake.

It was a great day. I feel extremely loved.

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As you can tell from my harried hair in this picture, my life is B.U.S.Y! Last night I had my first Arbonne party, the first one other than my Business Launches that I held at my own home. It was good! I’m still in the training stages, my upline girl, Jannah, is still doing a lot of the party although I answer questions and finish the party up and tell how I got started with Arbonne. It’s so easy, if you can read…you can sell Arbonne! I have que-cards that I read off of, so it’s really simple!

I have four more parties this month and I’m planning on booking one more before I leave for Calgary. My goal is to have 2 – 3 parties a month because by doing this, I’ll be working full time at Arbonne in 6 months. Yay!! Being my boss is where I’m headed! WOO!

I’ve sold a few more bags too, which is really awesome!

And of course, there’s the puppies to take care of! They’re getting to be more work, but once they stop feeding off their mumma, it will be a bit easier.

My focus is shifting a bit, so I won’t be blogging as much for now. I’m not quitting though, I will be back as much as I can to post an entry.

Trew Trew

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I’m busy at work interviewing the candidates for mayor and counselor here in my little town. In the meantime I’m listening to great music on line.

My Arbonne party is tonight! I have eight ladies confirmed to come, so hopefully it will be a successful party! I’m not even worried about sales, but I would LOVE to book a couple parties with my guests. Now hopefully my tiny living room will fit us all (:

Enjoy your Thursday! It’s the only one this week. Ha. Yeah, I’m funny.

~ Beauty ~

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This store is unbelievable! You know when they say that photos are everything on Etsy? If that’s true (which I think it is!) this shop has it all. Each of their pictures are a work of art…I would frame them. Really. I would. I’m thinking a burnt orange color on a wall with several of these photos in a black frame. But that’s  not even what Gougo Loft is selling! It’s the clothes! And they’ve already captured you haven’t they?



Well, I’ve been working my little bum off sewing the past couple days. I’ve sold seven bags, three on the Internet and four to girls in town! SO EXCITING!! I’ve decided that all the money from these sales is going to go into Arbonne products, in order to build up my stock of testers. Arbonne has a great deal for new consultants called the RSVP. It stands for something…but I can’t remember what it is (: Anyhoo, if you spend $840 on products you’ll only have to pay $420. It’s an awesome way to build up stock and be able to try out products for yourself.

I also just placed a pretty big order for catalogs, order forms, and samples from Arbonne. I’m headed to Calgary at the end of the month to see my sister and take in an NHL game (my first LIVE game! I’m SOOOO EXCITED! I even know what I’m going to wear already!). While we’re there my sis is going to host an Arbonne party / girls night. Wine, pastries, and of course makeup! What more could a girl ask for?! It’s a great way for me to maybe sponsor new consultants in that area.

I’m also going to tell the girls that come to the party that if they want to book a party with me, I’ll drive down again in January and do a couple parties in one weekend. And if they decide to become a consultant, this is a good way for me to help them out, train them a bit and answer their questions. Not that I’m a pro or anything yet! Arbonne is so great though, it has amazing resources so sponsoring new consultants long distance isn’t difficult!

Anywayssss! I’m rambling on! Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

~Modish Marketplace~

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I’m on Modish Marketplace! I bought a space on the Market a month ago or so and it’s up!