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Christmas is almost here! Can you believe it?? I can’t. It came so fast…hopefully this year I can love every minute of it before it slips past us.

I have such a huge amount of family to buy for (7 siblings, mom, dad, inlaws and their children…which reminds me! Did I tell you I just became an aunty again?! My sister in law had her little Briea Lynae and she’s the most ADORABLE little newborn you’ve ever seen. I’m so proud!). Etsy as always is coming to the rescue! Last year I bought every single gift on Etsy, although hubby bought his boy gifts at Canadian Tire. It was a life saver not to have to leave the house or drive 2 hours to the city.

This year I have hubby’s mom and sister to buy for and while I was browsing through Etsy, these amazing post cards poped up. What a great stocking stuffer!! They’re colorful, which is what everyone needs in this dreary winter weather, and they’re just eye-catching!


  1. I love those postcards – especially the first one you’ve posted – I can’t quite figure out if it is a postcard, or if it is something you’ve styled yourself…

  2. Congrats on being an auntie again!
    Grat finds on Etsy…it’s time for me to get a move on with this too!

  3. Lynne: These are post cards (: Click on the link and see more of them in the artists Etsy shop! You’re right though, this looks like a picture within a picture!
    Twiddle: Thank you!! I’ll have to post pictures of my new little girl.
    Capree: They are beautiful, aren’t they? I need to buy some stocking stuffers for the mom in law…going to spend some money on Etsy!

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