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I think I’m in love with this artists work

I wish I was a kid again

I want this picture. The pink one.

I love this blog theme.

I want summer back!

I need to go home and do some crafts.

I need gloves. My hands are freezing.

Too Cold

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There’s some days that are just too cold. On these days, I question why I continue to live in Northern Canada. Also on these days, I question why I drive a diesel.

It’s -30c. today. My truck was frozen but still barely started. My hands are freezing and I’m wondering why I’m even working. Last week I laughed at a co-worker when he asked if we were having a “snow day” (in Canada?? Are you joking me??), but today I’m really seeing the sense in it. It’s too bloody cold to work!

The positive: It feels more like Christmas with the snow and frost.

Last night I baked two apple pies, put up my Christmas tree and watched Friends. Now my house finally looks like Christmas! I just can’t wait until my sister and I have a baking day! Then it will really feel like Christmas, gingerbread cookies smelling up the house, shortcake dipped in chocolate, coconut snowballs…it just “makes” it!

Merry Christmas everyone!



Bind Them Up

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I’ve always wanted to learn how to book-bind. I remember, and I’ve probably already told me readers this once or twice, when I was little, going to a craft fair. One of the tables was handmade books and I was completely enthralled. I remember telling my mom how I would love to learn to do that and it hasn’t changed.

I’m completely addicted to journals, although I hardly write in them (the paper is so beautiful! Who would want to wreck it?).

I was looking through Etsy today and saw the Featured Artist mentioned one of their favorite sites was a forum about bookbinding. From there I found a link to some great YouTube videos! This one is so straightforward and explains every little step. I just watched all the 5 parts here at work!

You want to try it, don’t you? Me too!!

Before the Fire

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My birthday was a couple weeks ago and OF COURSE I asked for a gift certificate to Chapters. It’s really just a given for me. The whole experience is a gift for me. The moment I walk into Chapters, I feel a weight taken off of my shoulders, I breathe easier, I fall in love.

Books, antiques and new, get me somehow. As soon as I see them I want to flip through them, smell their pages and take in their words.

We don’t have a Chapters in our town, so during our trip to Calgary and Edmonton, we enjoyed a couple trips to the store.

We stepped into the store, the big classically worn doors closing out the winter cold and the tables of colorful books inviting us in even further. I smiled and breathed in the relaxation that pounced on me.

First: to the discount tables. I’m a bargian shopper, so any novel that I can get at a discount is a double treat. But since I love books so much, it’s really not something I stress about too much.

Then: to the Fantasy section. I’ve been meaning to start reading the Robert Jordan fantasy novels since I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about the books…including my Dad-In-Laws opinion, which says a lot. I also picked up a novel about the beginnings of King Arthur by Jack Whyte. The author is actually from my province British Columbia.

Now: To Heather’s Picks. Heather reads tons of Chapters books and then reviews them or picks her favorites. I picked up a book “The Thirteenth Tale” and looked it over. I had seen it before and it looked interesting. I bought it.

Talk about AWESOME! It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten lost in a book. You know that feeling where you just can’t stop reading and even when you do, you want to go back to your book? This book does that. A total classic. Well written and a beautiful and twisting plot. Prepare to LOVE IT!

I finished the book last night, as I sat before our fireplace on my green velvet arm chair, and kept wishing it wouldn’t end. It’s really that good.

What I Need

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I need something today.

A break. A sleep. A creative moment.

I need to sit in my office and work with crafting. I need to put on my MP3 and sing my guts out. I need to cuddle with my puppies. I need a good hot cup of tea and my book. I need a kiss.

I need my parents to get their relationship straight and for my dad to be happy again.

I need my sister and brother to move closer to me.

I need to paint my bedroom. I need a Sheltie. I need an Etsy shopping spree.

I need a visit with my mom in law.

I need a new kitchen. I need a trip to Europe to visit my Grandad before he passes away.

I need to work Arbonne full time.

Warm it Up

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With love baby!

Just a clip I love (: Brandy has been one of my favorite artists since I was young. Great memories! Here’s one of her new songs.

Well, I’m back! Where was I? On a great long week in Calgary and Edmonton, visiting my sister, friends, shopping, eating Sushi and shopping my butt off. It was a great week off, sleep-in’s (kinda, I’m getting old and cant’ sleep past 9 now…) and a refreshing bit away from work.

I got so many new clothes and (YAY!!!) splurged on a bedroom set from IKEA. We’ve been married 3 years and haven’t ever done-up our room. So we finally bought a great bed frame, bed side tables, lamps, curtains, a new quilt and sheet set (Linen and Things is going out of business so I got a great deal). I also got a gift certificate for Pier One from my sister so I bought some colorful decorations for the bedside tables. We do need to paint the room yet, pale pink and green, but the cream colored bed and tables go perfectly. The curtains are a beautiful chocolate linen fabric, and the lamps are deep brown with cream shades. We stayed up until midnight setting everything up and it looks breathtaking. I love it. I couldnt’ stop looking around and grinning!

I also had an Arbonne Party while I was in Calgary. My sister booked it and it went really well! Four girls showed up, which is a great number, and I made the whole presentation without stumbling…although it’s ok if you do stumble. My sis and one of her friends bought a couple items so that was good. Since the warehouse that I order from is in Calgary, my sister received her order in four days. Crazy!

I’m in qualifications for District Manager (the second level in Arbonne) so I’m hoping to make quite a few sales this month and make it fully to that level. My Peel Party is tomorrow where I hope to make more sales and book more parties. Yay, cant’ wait!! We’re going to try out the Facial Peel and all of the RE9 set, and of course just visit and eat some Christmas munchies! Yum yum!