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Clean Yourself Up!

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In this economy I think it’s super important to support the little businesses. Whether that’s Etsy or other types, I feel like it’s critical to support the little man.

That’s why I love Etsy! It’s such a great place for young businesses to build their foundations. It’s affordable, easy and caters to every kind of taste.

Sometimes it’s hard; you look at an item and think “well I could buy that at Wal Mart for so much cheaper!”, but really what you need to remind your self about is that that item (soap, hand cream, makeup etc) will last SO much longer being that it doesn’t have fillers like the big name brands. It’s definately worth the extra buck or two.

Check out Adoration Soap on Etsy! Seriously awesome products adorned with gold flakes or other decorative art, this soap (and scrubs and whipped soap) is a great gift or present for your own home.



Round and Round

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Well, the world just keeps going ’round and ’round! It’s amazing to me that I still have so many constant readers ever after neglecting them for a little while. Thanks guys, you’re awesome!

I used to be so worried about my readership, always trying to get a certain amount per day etc, but I just don’t have time for that now! And even though I’m not posting links here and there, I still have new readers coming in and older constant ones still stickin’ around! It’s awesome!

Well, today is FRIDAY! Thank goodness!! I need some rest, a few days to sleep in and just relax will be awesome.


Just looking through Etsy and found these great necklace charms from Anne Kiel Jewelry. I love the colors! You can use one of them, or several on a necklace…either way, it’s an adorable piece!!


These awesome earrings are made by Amalia Versaci out of vintage zippers! Her work was featured on the front page Treasuryon Etsy…lucky duck!!

Trace My Face

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Well well! Look at that. I’m back two days in a row!

I’m tired and hungry but super happy! I had an Arbonne party last night that went really well. One girl signed up as a consultant and two girls bought $840.00 worth of products! There was a bit of confusion about the ordering buy we got it straightened out and it’s all good now.

My focus now is to book more parties. My goal is to book three parties a week in February. Hopefully that will get me to the next level in the company and I’ll be just that much closer to working full time with Arbonne and driving my Mercedes!

People keep asking if getting the Mercedes from Arbonne is actually a realistic goal. Um, yes!! I live in a smaller town (10-13,000 pop) but there’s three girls in my area already driving their Mercedes and working full time at the Arbonne business. It’s do able IF you’re willing to work to get there.

You always have to view it as doing work now for play later. It’s not hard work, it’s a matter of keeping those wheels turning. And it’s FUN! I get three nights a week with great girls, visiting, trying out cosmetics and eating great munchies! It just doesn’t get better than that!

I work full time too but weirdly enough, I haven’t viewed my Arbonne nights as being overwhelming or “work”…EVER! That says alot.

Back to Etsy: Don’t you just LOVE the picture above?? It’s from the Trace My Face shop, you’ve gotta check it out! It’s really a great store, full of fun items, all types of things to entertain you!

Luxe Deluxe

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I’m so in love with this necklace!! It would look amazing with a black dress…maybe perfect for Valentines…hmmm…

This piece of beautiful creativity was made by Adrienne @ Luxe Deluxe. Go buy youself something pretty!

Well, it’s been forever since I’ve been back to my blog. Life is super busy, and just hasn’t left time for blogging lately. Hopefully I’ll be able to make more time now and then though and come back to visit my wonderful readers.

I’m keeping really busy with my Arbonne business, having tons of parties and tons of fun! This week I had four parties booked, two of them rebooked but that’s just peachey! I’m planning on bringing my business up to full time within the next few months, and it seems like it’s headed in that direction. Arbonne has come up with a new great compensation plan for us consultants and it’s rocketing us towards more income…who can complain??

I’ve mostly given up on my Etsy shop…although I do have several bags still available for now. I’m thinking of starting a new shop with smaller items, things that aren’t so costly to ship or make. I’ll be keeping you posted!

Also, thanks to my awesome readers! You guys have kept coming back, even if I haven’t been so faithful, and I really REALLY appreciate it!


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That was a long break, wasn’t it? I haven’t been at the blog for a while, but I’m back and ready to get started again in 2009!

Let’s start with my first Hearted shop this year. It happens to be the Etsy Featured Seller, because that’s obviously a good way for stores to get noticed (:

Stepankais an awesome abstract shop full of porcelain treasures. Vases, mugs, wall decor…Stepanka is SO CUTE! I really think their items will suite everyone! I just love how clean the images are. They don’t seem cluttered or overused, they’re just…fresh.