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Ready Made

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Holy Moley. I’m going to be so addicted to this site, I can tell already! Talk about a great resource! One of my commenters yesterday (thanks Everydaycreate!) mentioned this site and of course I had to check it out…And because of that, I now have a list as long as my arm of things to make. Crafts for the bride I’m helping this summer, stuff for my craft room. Yep, it’s going to be an awesome site to have around.


Let Spring Come!

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Love this Treasury West made by AMI Designs. It reminds me of spring, which I wish would just come already!

Well, it’s my last day of work at the radio station today. Thank goodness I’m outta here! It’s a complicated issue, but basically I’m working for two bosses and it makes for confusion! Not only that, but the communication in the station is nil and so they are always making our office work double time to pick up their slack. Frustration.

For the income tax season I’ll be working with my husband at his grandpa’s accounting office, but after that, the coast is clear. And I’m praying for creativity to fall into my lap! I need a fun job, and something that’s not too demanding.

No…I’m not picky…me? Noooo…

MV Knits

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I keep watching this video over and over, the story is so beautiful…and the birth of the lamb just about brings me to tears!

The idea of CSA seems so sensible to me in this economy. I seriously think that now is the time to support the little guys. The Farmers Markets should be bustling now, the small businesses should be busy.

When I was little my Dad would read me the Beatrix Potter stories. The little mice in the books were always preparing for winter, gathering nuts and making their houses cozy for the cold seasons. I was about 5 at the time and I thought for sure that we, humans, had to do the same thing. I remember getting a panicked feeling when I realized our basement wasn’t filled with food. I asked my Dad why we weren’t stocking up for winter and he explained to me that it wasn’t necessary.

I’m getting that feeling again. How do we prepare for a recession? What do I do? How do I help my family get ready for potentially hard times? The biggest thing that I can do right now, I feel, is to support the little guys. Maybe this hits home a bit closer for me because my husband owns his own business…I just feel as though they are what is holding us up. They’re there for the long haul, as opposed to the big guys who are only in it for the payouts and not to keep their staff employed. Just my opinion (:

Check out the Stone Soup Challenge!


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I have a question.

Does everyone who does Letterpress art on Etsy actually OWN a letterpress? They seem so big and expensive. Is there maybe somewhere that you can get your images letter-pressed for you? (Sorry, this is turning into a couple questions…).

I’m probably just jealous that I dont’ have one…


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Originally uploaded by Necil Bug

I used to hate rats, they grossed me out…until I saw these pictures. This little guy is so adorable! He spoons with his teddies and can’t stand to be too far away from the owner when they’re outside. Adorable!!

About Me

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Some random facts about me, just for fun:

  1. My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge.
  2. I am addicted to Vegemite…and I’m running out. I’ll need to order some from Australia soon.
  3. My favorite book is The Thirteenth Tale.
  4. I text my sister constantly. All day every day. It’s free though, so I’m not worried.
  5. My biggest pet peeve is when people don’t use their signal lights.

Also, I’ve added some new blogs to the Blog Roll:


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*picture from MSN Fashionism

I love the Oscars and I was so glad that I got to see even a bit of them this year. I had an Arbonne party later that night, but I was able to watch the red carpet walk, which is what I like the most anyways.

There were so many stunning (that’s not even a big enough word to describe them) dresses this year, it was hard for me to pick my favorite. I looked through MSN Fashionism’s Oscar faves and I loved them all!! But Sarah Jessica Parker’s dress was the one I couldn’t get enough of. I just kept going back to it to stare. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

I love everything about it! The color is the ‘in’ color right now, the style is so old school and perfect, the belt and the layering and the detailing…it’s all breathtaking. Sigh.

I want it.

Her Shoes = My Shoes

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Oh my gash.

I need these.

I have you ever watched In Her Shoes? Love love freaking love this movie. In it Cameron Diaz wears a pair of her sisters shoes that are just like these ones…although I’m sure in the movie, they’re Jimmy Choo or something else amazing.

I just found Forever 21 again. I had discovered it before but forgot about it in the meantime. And now that I’ve found it, I’m dying to buy boots and shoes, jeans and cartigans…The prices are really reasonable (or that’s my excuse anyways)!

She’s Baaaack!

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Nie Nie is back!! I just visited her blog and was so happy to see that she’s back to blogging again! Wow, what a journey, what a strong woman, what a supportive family.

All the Luck

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Some people have all the luck. Black Eyed Suzie is the lucky one this week. Not only does she have a Feature Sellerarticle, but Etsy has also put out a Handmade Portrait video of her creations. Lucky, like I said.

One thing I don’t get though, is why Etsy would feature items similar to the sellers…but NOT the sellers…in the pictures of “Related Items” under the article. In this case, the artist is a doll maker, so posting links / pictures to her dolls is awesome, but to other people’s dolls? Just doesn’t jive with me. Pictures, paintings, other items: sure, why not. But the competition? Nuh uh.

Just my thoughts…